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How to Get Weapon Skins in Valorant



how to get weapon skins in valorant

If you’re new to the game and saw fellow players using eye-catching skins, you might want to know how to get weapon skins in Valorant as well. These are simply cosmetics and do not affect your gameplay or increase your firepower—all they do is add a snazzy look to your gun.

Some skins don’t just modify the look of the gun, but also have plenty of unique effects that show up on screen, and here’s how you can get them too.

How do you Get Weapon Skins in Valorant?

There are a few different ways to get Valorant skins:

Buying them directly from the store

buying weapon skins from the valorant store

Skins in the store are typically part of a collection that includes skins for multiple weapons. These collections are ranked by rarity, with Select being the least rare and Ultra being the most rare. The rarer a skin is, the more expensive it will be.

Players can purchase these skins from the store by spending Valorant points (VP) and if you have Radianite Points, you can upgrade the weapon skins you own, with new VFX, audio, animations, variants, and even finishers.

Earning them through Agent Contracts – Get Valorant Skins for Free

As you play Valorant, you get XP for completing Deathmatch, Unrated, Competitive, or matches in other modes. You earn Kingdom Credits from this, which you can then use on Agent Contracts to get the character’s Sidearms skins. It is available for 8000 Kingdom Credits on the 10th Tier.

Here’s a list of weapon skins for every agent contract to date:

  • Astra: Eclipse Ghost
  • Breach: Ragnarocker Frenzy
  • Brimstone: Peacekeeper Sheriff
  • Cypher: Hush Ghost
  • Jett: Game Over Sheriff
  • KAY/O: FIRE/ARM Classic
  • Killjoy: Wunderkind Shorty
  • Omen: Soul Silencer Ghost
  • Phoenix: Spitfire Frenzy
  • Raze: Pistolinha Classic
  • Reyna: Vendetta Ghost
  • Sage: Final Chamber Classic
  • Skye: Swooping Frenzy
  • Sova: Protektor Sheriff
  • Viper: Snakebite Shorty
  • Yoru: Death Wish Sheriff
  • Chamber: Finesse Classic
  • Clove: Flutter Ghost
  • Deadlock: Resolution Classic
  • Fade: Karabasan Shorty
  • Gekko: Sidekick Shorty
  • Harbor: Wayfarer Sheriff
  • Iso: Mythmaker Sheriff
  • Neon: Live Wire Frenzy

Earning them through the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a seasonal progression system that lets you earn exclusive rewards, including weapon skins. There is a free and a paid tier of the Battle Pass, and the paid tier offers more rewards. For free-to-play players, you can unlock a Sidearm skin when they reach the 50th tier. As for if you choose to buy the Battle Pass, you can unlock different weapon skins (these change with every battle pass) at different tiers like Tier 35, Tier 45, etc.

Asking Other Players

Finally, if you aren’t sure whether you want to buy a skin that looks appealing, you can try it for free from other players. When you kill an enemy who has it you can take their gun with the skin and use it until you die. Alternatively, if someone on your team or your friend already has a skin you can request them to drop the gun to you which you can buy for them during the Buying phase.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking new weapon skins in Valorant. If you’d also like to know how to copy text from chat messages and paste it, check out our guide for the neat little trick.

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