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How to Increase Strength in GTA 5 Story Mode

There are two things you need to do to increase your Strength stat in GTA V fast.



how to increase strength in gta 5

When you start your journey in GTA V, each character (Michael, Trevor, and Franklin) has their own set of abilities. Michael is geared towards combat where he needs more ‘Strength’ to take on tougher enemies but at the end of the day, every character will need a good Strength stat, so, it’s crucial to keep building it up to face higher challenges. Not sure how to go about it? Here’s how to increase Strength in GTA 5 story mode.

How to Increase Strength in GTA 5 Story Mode?

To increase Strength in GTA 5 story mode, you must play Sports like Tennis and Golf, and fight people with your fists.

michael fighting with civilian for increasing strength

image source: Brian’s Custom Tackle on Youtube

For the latter, you can start an altercation with someone on the street but if you choose to fight the Police, be careful because you will get a Wanted status for your activities. Moreover, if someone is armed, they won’t want a fistfight with you anymore and you’ll find yourself in a losing gunfight.

Now, in case you want to avoid this risk, you can punch animals like Cows in the game but the increase will be pretty low each time.

play tennis as michael and trevor to increase strength

image credit: Fandom

In terms of Sports for Michael and Trevor, you can play Tennis and win to get a boost of Strength. For Franklin, Golf will work out better.

play golf to increase strength in gta 5 story mode

image credit: Fandom

As you can tell, just like in real life, when you keep using an ability frequently, it will keep getting better and the same goes for this stat.

Why should you increase the Strength Stat?

Strength in GTA 5 represents your character’s physical power and endurance. While it doesn’t directly translate to increased damage in fistfights, it offers several benefits that enhance gameplay and character performance. For example, your character gets higher agility which can help escape chases. Plus, with improved Strength, you can withstand more damage from punches and kicks, and this will be useful in tense situations where fights are inevitable. Lastly, with better Strength, your character becomes better at sports, leading to an awesome performance and more rewards.

That’s everything about boosting this stat. Now if you also want to know how to make more money quickly in the GTA V story mode, here’s our guide that will show you the steps to follow.

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