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How To Make Sakura In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

It’s quite easy to make the Sakura element in this game — check out the recipe combos here.



making sakura element

Sakura, the Japanese term for cherry blossoms, are delicate pink or white flowers that bloom in spring. And, after crafting lotus flower, you might want to know how to make Sakura in Infinite Craft, which is quite a unique choice. Here’s the recipe combination to help you get this result.

How to Make Sakura in Infinite Craft

sakura recipe combo infinity craft

With only 8 steps, you can get Sakura from the base elements:

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  • Dandelion + Water = Wine
  • Wind + Water = Wave
  • Plant + Wave = Seaweed
  • Wine + Seaweed = Sake
  • Dandelion + Earth = Flower
  • Sake + Flower = Sakura

how to make sakura infinite craft

How to Make Cherry Blossom in Infinite Craft

Combining Sakura with Sakura will unlock the Cherry Blossom tile in the game. And mixing Cherry Blossom with Cherry Blossom gives you a Cherry Blossom Tree.

Here are some more combinations that you might want to create:

  • Sakura + Fire = Fireworks
  • Sakura + Moon = Moonlight
  • Sakura + Vase = Bonsai
  • Sakura + Cloud = Rain
  • Sakura + Country = Japan
  • Sakura + Desert = Cactus
  • Sakura + Bong = Cherry
  • Sakura + Cherry = Blossom

As you’ll notice, a lot of combos that you make with Sakura repeatedly lead to Cherry Blossom. However, you might just end up on something unique based on what you’re mixing it with – it could even be a first discovery!

We’ve got a lot of new recipes for you in our Infinite Craft guides section, so if you’re curious to know more and add elements to your arsenal, head over there right away.

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