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How to Make Sky in Infinite Craft (Guide)

Crafting Sky in this game is super easy and requires only a few steps.

You start off the game with base elements of Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth but from combinations with these ingredients, you can make endless results. One of them is Sky and in this guide, I will explain how to make Sky in Infinite Craft easily.

How to Make Sky in Infinite Craft

recipe to make sky infinity craft
Sky Crafting Recipe / Screenshot by Gaming Inbox
  • Combine Fire and Wind to create Smoke
  • Fire and Water together will make Steam
  • Mix Steam and Fire to get Engine
  • Now, combine Engine with Engine to make Rocket
  • Earth and Wind will unlock Dust
  • Dust and Earth unlocks Planet
  • Smoke and Steam will get you a Cloud
  • And, Cloud combined with Planet creates Sky

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Once you have the Sky element, you can combine it with other unlocked ingredients and create more interesting results. Here are a few:

  • Sky + Rocket = Space
  • Sky + Water = Rain
  • Sky + Fire = Sun
  • Sky + Wind = Cloud
  • Sky + Planet = Star
  • Sky + Engine = Jet

That was all for this one. If you’re interested to unlock more unique elements, here are the recipes and steps to create Taylor SwiftKanye, Lotus FlowerChurchRoblox, and even Destruction in Infinite Craft.

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