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How to Pet Pals in Palworld

Ready to reward your Pals with some affection? The game doesn't really explain it, but luckily, the steps are easy!

Pals in Palworld are pretty cute and get some good work done during the day, which is when you might want to reward them with a little pat on their head. If you want to bond with your creature companions better and share some love to make them happy, here’s how to pet your Pals.

How to Pet Pals in Palworld

how to pet pal in palworld
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It’s pretty simple to pet them – all you have to do is approach the pal, look at them, and use the command menu by pressing 4 on your keyboard. Choose the option to “Pet” to give a little cuddle to your pal and it will react with a cute expression.

command wheel for pals
Image credit: Games & Apps Tutorials on Youtube

You can do this to any Pal that you have tamed and captured in your Sphere whether it’s hard at work at your base or supporting you in combat.

If a Pal is in your party but it’s away from you, players can summon it (by pressing E) to come closer for a quick pat on the head.

“Pet” command not working fix

Since the game is in early access at the time of writing, there are various bugs, glitches and issues that come up often. If the “Pet” command is not working for you and your player character does a random animation instead, this could happen if the targeted pet is busy doing something.

To solve this issue, capture the Pal in your Pal Sphere and spawn it again. Then, use the command menu to pet it and see if it works.

And there you have it! That is how to pet your Pals in Palworld and keep their mood happy. If you love this game and are wondering if it is playable on mobile devices (Android and iOS) as well, then here’s a guide that will explain the steps to follow.

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