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How To Play Google Ghost Game?

Find out if the Google Ghost game is still accessible or not.



how to play google ghost game

The Google Ghost game officially called “The Great Ghoul Duel,” was a temporary Halloween Google Doodle available in 2022, which is a sequel to the 2018 version. If you are curious to see how Google created this interactive Doodle game, they have an entire page dedicated to this, including early drafts, character sketches, map sketches, and more. Also, find out if you can still play the Ghost game off-season.

How to Play and Win The Great Ghoul Duel

  • Use arrow keys or mouse to move around the spooky map.
  • Collect the Spirit Flames that will be scattered all over. They will start trailing behind your character like a tail.
  • If the other player steals your flames, touch their long tail to collect them back.
  • Once you have regained the flames, return to your team’s home base to bank them.

Can I still play the Google Ghost game?

Unfortunately, the Google Ghost game is not playable right now because there are no other players online for this multiplayer game (and there may be no servers allocated for it too). If you try, you will be stuck on an infinite “Waiting for Players…” screen.

stuck on waiting for players on google doodle game

We even tried hosting a game to play privately with friends, but no custom share link appeared, bringing our plans to a grinding halt.

google ghost game how to play

However, don’t be disheartened because there’s a chance Google may bring back this game via another theme or Halloween. Plus, there’s another Halloween-themed Google Ghost game that you can still play and that’s Magic Cat Academy from Halloween 2016 (Try it! Its design is pretty cute too).

halloween google doodle game

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How do I play old Google games?

Yes, there is a way to play old Google Doodle games and you can do so via the official archives. Apart from that, several third-party websites host playable versions of old Google Doodles like this one. On the official Google Doodle archive page, simply browse an interactive game or search for specific names if you remember them. Once you find the game, click on it to play it on your browser right away. You can replay them as often as you want.

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