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How to Work for the BitLife Team in BitLife

Follow these steps to unlock a special achievement in the game!



how to work for candywriter team in bitlife

Can you virtually work in a company that’s developed the game you’re playing? Yes! If you want to pursue a job as a BitLife developer for fun or for a challenge, knowing the actual degree you need to get can be confusing. Plus, your starting location matters as well and this guide has the rundown for everything you need to do to complete this objective. You’ll also unlock the Candywriter achievement while you’re at it.

How to Join the BitLife Team

To work for BitLife, you need to:

  • Be born in Miami where the BitLife HQ is located.
  • Study Computer Science for your degree and complete school with high smarts.
  • Apply for a job at Candywriter and get hired.

That’s pretty much everything you need to do, however, you might come across some obstacles in between. Let’s start from the beginning.

Since you have to be in Miami to work for BitLife in BitLife, the easiest way to make this happen is to be born there. When you start a new life, you can decide where you want your character to start off. From the options, select United States, choose Miami and you’re ready to go.

Then keep studying well (go to the library often) and improving your smarts until you graduate from school and high school. Make sure you stay healthy throughout and make good decisions regarding your relationships and stranger encounters.

which university degree to work at bitlife

To join the BitLife team, you can apply as a developer which means you need the Computer Science degree. So, pick this when you’re prompted to go to University. You’ll be able to get in easily if your marks are good!

working for candywriter team in bitlife

Lastly, when you’re ready to go job hunting, head to the Jobs section and look for Candywriter, which is the company that developed BitLife. If you don’t see it the first time, close the game, relaunch it, and see if it’s available in the new set of job opportunities. As soon as it’s there, apply, clear the interview, and get hired. This will unlock the Candywriter achievement in BitLife for you.

unlock candywriter achievement

That’s it for this one, but if you’re looking to try out more careers and unlock more achievements, head over to our BitLife guides to make it happen.

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