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Imbibe Nectar Elden Ring: Should You Drink Or Leave?

Drinking the poison from St. Trina is bound to kill you, but should you go ahead nevertheless? Find out here.



should you imbibe nectar or leave elden ring

Throughout Elden Ring, you will come across multiple choices to make and one such choice in Shadow of the Erdtree is whether you should imbibe nectar or leave. This guide has all the information on what you need to do and the consequences of both decisions in the game.

St. Trina is the one who will ask you about drinking the nectar and she is part of Thiollier’s questline. This quest will take you to an area – Garden of Deep Purple (Stone Coffin Fissure) – with purple environment all over and Trina will be standing at the very end.

Remember that you should avoid imbibing the nectar the very first time you meet Trina here. Interact with her but once that is done, go meet Thiollier first. He will be present at Pillar Path Cross’ Site of Grace. Talk to him, choose the option to ‘Tell him St. Trina’s whereabouts’, complete all dialogues, and go back to the Garden of Deep Purple. You’ll notice that Thiollier is here too.

Should you Imbibe Nectar or Leave in Elden Ring?

pass on trinas words Thiollier quest

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Yes, you should Imbibe Nectar from St. Trina in Shadow of the Erdtree. Even though this poison will kill you as Thiollier said, you must go ahead. You can choose to ‘Leave’ but it will not progress Thiollier’s questline so drinking the nectar is the only way.

dying after drinking nectar st trina

Image credit: LunarGaming on YouTube

When you imbibe the nectar, you will see the ‘You Died’ screen and respawn at the Site of Grace of Stone Coffin Fissure. Make your way back to Trina which should be a short walk. Interact with her again and drink the nectar—do this at least 4 times. This is when St. Trina will talk to you.

Spoiler alert: If you’d like to know what St. Trina says after imbibing nectar 4 times, read the responses below.

  • “Make Miquella stop… Don’t turn the poor thing into a god…”

When you respawn after the dialogues, you need to head to Thiollier and choose the option to ‘Pass on St. Trina’s words’ and Thiollier will thank you ‘not to lie to him’. You can pass on Trina’s words again and he will respond with Please, enough and I will never forgive you. Make sure to exhaust all dialogue options each time.

If you imbibe nectar 5 and 6 times, the dialogues change too:

  • “Godhood would be Miquella’s prison. A caged divinity… is beyond saving.”
  • “You must kill Miquella… Grant him forgiveness.”

After hearing these lines, you can head to Stone Coffin Fissure and approach a white fog where Thiollier was.

Should you Kill Thiollier when he Invades?

Since he becomes hostile and will invade you—go ahead and kill him here. This is because you can not only collect a useful drop when he is killed, but he will also respawn later, so the quest is not affected.

After he dies, you’ll get the item St. Trina’s Smile. It’s a Talisman from the DLC and it raises attack power when sleep is triggered in the vicinity.

Now you are ready to progress this questline further. If you’d like to play Elden Ring multiplayer with friends, here’s how to set a password and get started. Also, find out what it means if you get an Inappropriate Activity Detected pop up while playing.

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