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Is GTA 5 Crossplay? (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox)

Are GTA 5 and GTA Online cross-platform? Get the answer to your question in this quick guide.



is gta 5 crossplay pc and consoles

Playing GTA Online with friends across platforms can be a wonderful thing, and many might even buy the game with this intention. However, it’s important to know if GTA 5 and GTA Online are cross-platform or not before you decide to make the purchase or plan to play together.

Is GTA 5 and GTA Online Crossplay?

No, GTA 5 does not support crossplay functionality. This means that players on different platforms cannot play together in the same online lobbies. But, gamers on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, can play together within their respective console families.

In case you want to play multiplayer but don’t have friends using the same platform, you can make the most of online gaming communities like Reddit and Discord to find like-minded players and join games together.

is gta 5 and online cross platform

Source: Rockstar Games

Why GTA Online Still Doesn’t Have Cross-Play?

There are a couple of speculated reasons why players don’t have this feature in GTA V.

  • Platform limitations: Rockstar Games hasn’t implemented crossplay for GTA 5, likely due to technical challenges and potential balancing issues arising from different platform capabilities and control schemes.
  • Separate online communities: Each platform has its online community and servers for GTA Online, preventing players from interacting across platforms.
can gta 5 players play crossplay pc playstation and xbox

Source: Rockstar Games

When to Expect the Addition of GTA Online Crossplay in the Future?

It’s important to note that the game came out more than a decade ago when crossplay wasn’t a “must-have” feature it is now. Still, Rockstar chose not to add it in the next few years, even when cross-platform access became more and more common.

There are high chances that the devs may implement crossplay in the next title – Grand Theft Auto 6. But as of now, there is no concrete information about “true crossplay” coming to GTA 5 or GTA Online and it doesn’t look like it’s in the pipeline for Rockstar either.

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