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Why does Kazuya have a Red Eye in Tekken? Answered

What’s the lore behind Kazuya’s red eye? Here are the fan speculations and theories.



kazuya glowing red eye in tekken 8 main menu

When you launch Tekken 8, a detailed close-up of Kazuya Mishima greets you and soon enough, his glowing red eye will catch your attention. This might make new players wonder why does Kazuya have a red eye and how did he get it? Here’s what you need to know.

Why does Kazuya have a red eye?

There’s no official confirmation from the Tekken developers about the exact reason for Kazuya’s red eye, but there are theories and hints in the lore. The most popular one is related to the Devil Gene Influence.

As Kazuya carries the Devil Gene inherited from his father, Heihachi, it manifests in various ways, including physical changes. The red eye could represent the growing influence of the Devil Gene within him, symbolizing his potential for violence and darkness.

His glowing red eye first appeared in Tekken 4 which is a sign that he is using Devil Gene as his own power and has control over it.

While this is the most plausible reason behind Kazuya’s red eye, here’s another theory, and it involves the G-Corporation Experimentation. After Kazuya was thrown into a volcano, G-Corporation retrieved and revived him. Some fans speculate that their experiments to exploit or control the Devil Gene might have caused the red eye as a side effect.

kazuya red eye in the game screen of tekken 8

Kazuya’s Red Eye in Tekken 8

Additionally, the red eye could be symbolic, giving players a look into the inner workings of his mind and body. Red is often associated with anger and aggression, reflecting Kazuya’s troubled past, inner conflict, volatile personality, and rage which his son Jin Kazama faces even in Tekken 8.

Having a glowing red eye makes Kazuya stand out and represents the fact that he’s no ordinary man. He has great potential and power, even before fully embracing the Devil Gene.

In conclusion, Kazuya has a red eye primarily due to the Devil Gene inside him, but it remains open to further interpretation based on his background and lore. It’s also worth noting that the appearance and behavior of the red eye vary throughout the Tekken series.

For example, in some scenes, both of Kazuya’s eyes glow red, while in others, only the red eye seems to react to his emotions or transformations. This further encourages speculation and interpretation, leaving room for personal theories and preferences among fans.

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