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How To Take No Fall Damage In Palworld

Here’s how to negate fall damage and survive most falls in the game.



How to Not take Fall Damage in Palworld

While there are quite a few things that can hurt you in this game, falling is one of the mechanics that can be prevented if you have unlocked a few items. If you deplete your health, you can quickly refill your HP with the help of a healing pal. However, if you want to avoid taking any fall damage in Palworld, this is what you need to do.

How to Not Take Fall Damage in Palworld

use glider to break fall damage in palworld

Unlock the glider to avoid taking fall damage / Source: Mediarch on Youtube

  • Activate the glider mid-air to land safely.
  • Look for ledges or surfaces you can grab mid-fall to break your descent and prevent damage. Climb onto a surface if it’s nearby.
grappling gun crafting recipe

The Grappling Gun can help prevent fall damage at lower heights/ Source: Quick Tips on Youtube

  • Use a grappling gun if the distance isn’t too much.
ride the direhowl to avoid and negate fall damage in palworld

Source: Fandom

  • Use the Direhowl pal to cover areas where you need to jump downwards along a cliffside. This is because mounts do not take fall damage, no matter the height in question.

Since the first two methods require stamina, if you run out of it while performing the action, you will fall and won’t be able to break the fall damage.

Youtuber Cross Current has shared a video displaying how you can ride a Direhowl and simply jump downwards without taking any fall damage in Palworld and navigate long distances without worries. You can also use other ground mounts if you’d like.

Here it is in action:

And that’s everything you can do to take no fall damage in most situations. These methods don’t guarantee complete immunity to fall damage, especially from extreme heights. Always assess the risk and use these strategies wisely.

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