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O Mother Gesture Elden Ring Location

It’s not just an emote; this gesture can be used to unlock and access a secret area in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC!



o mother gesture emote in shadow of the erdtree dlc

O Mother is a gesture in Elden Ring that’s exclusive to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and in this guide, we’ll show you the exact location where you can find it and how to get there. This gesture is required to open a hidden path as well as to finish Ymir’s questline, which makes it extremely important if you want to unlock the entire map.

O Mother Gesture Elden Ring Map Location

The ‘O Mother’ gesture can be found north of Bonny Village in front of a headless statue. Now getting to this location is the challenge almost every player will face and you will need multiple attempts to make it happen successfully.

You can reach here on your horse if you get to Moorth Ruins Site of Grace. Follow the path through the arched ruins and jump down onto a thatched roof.

how to reach Bonny Village elden ring map

Image source: PowerPyx on YouTube

Carefully navigate along the cliff’s wall and keep going down. Descend until you see the entrance to a cave—move forward until you see a ladder. Climb it and you’ll find yourself in Bonny Village. Interact with the Site of Grace there.

Once that is done, keep going until you see a broken bridge. Instead of taking the bridge, take a right and cross the gap by jumping from one rock to another. Explore the area until you see a headless statue with arms stretched out. Pick up the item from there and equip it to your Gestures via the Settings.

Now comes the point of using this emote. If you’d like to keep it unspoiled and discover the location to use the O Mother gesture naturally, stop reading now!

However, if you want to save time and know exactly where you have to use it, here are the details.

Where to Use O Mother in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

where to use o mother gesture in elden ring

Image source: WOW Quests on YouTube

This O Mother emote is used to solve the statue riddle at Shadow Keep, Back Gate, which is a location to the north of the map. You can reach this place via Church District and then heading to Storehouse, Back Section.

shadow keep back gate map location elden ring

Image source: PowerPyx on YouTube

If you’ve ended up at this location before this, you have already seen a headless statue with arms outstretched (Marika Statue) which shows a hint that there’s a passage behind it. With your O Mother gesture equipped, approach the statue and do the emote here. Doing this will make the wall slide and give you access to a secret area Scaduview Hinterland where you can activate a Site of Grace.

scaduview unlocked

Image source: WOW Quests on YouTube

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