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Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support?



pubg mobile controller support

Since many players are more comfortable using a controller instead of touch controls for mobile shooting games, players are curious to know if PUBG Mobile has controller support or not. Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to buy a bluetooth controller specifically for this multiplayer game.

Is there Controller Support for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile does not officially support controllers on Android or iOS devices. This means that if you plug in a Bluetooth controller, the game won’t recognize it and you won’t be able to use the buttons and joysticks for in-game actions.

When a player asked about it on Reddit, the PUBGM Community Team replied, “Hello! Please note that controllers or any other third-party peripherals are not supported.”

pubg community team member reply on pubg mobile controllers

Source: Reddit

So, it’s best to avoid using controllers to play the game on your mobile device. You might find YouTube videos that ask you to install a third-party app and register on it to gain access to controller use, but if you want to keep your account safe and unbanned, don’t do it.

Why doesn’t PUBGM support controllers?

Controllers offer more precise aiming and movement compared to touchscreens. And so, using a controller could give players an unfair advantage over those using touch controls which causes issues with fair play in multiplayer games.

Plus, there are keymapper apps that can be used to map controller buttons to touchscreen actions. However, note that these apps are against the PUBG Mobile TOS and using them could lead to a permanent ban.

If you’re uncomfortable with the touch controls, you can play PUBG Mobile on a PC emulator like Bluestacks. These emulators allow you to use a keyboard and mouse providing better precision than touch controls. However, you’ll only be matched with other emulator users to maintain fair play.

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