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How to Make Blackpink in Infinite Craft

Are you a stan trying to create elements of every famous K-pop group? This is how you can unlock Blackpink!



how to make blackpink infinite craft

K-pop fans can create various groups in this unique game, and the list of crafting recipes is incomplete without Blackpink (in your area). Blackpink is a hugely popular South Korean girl group consisting of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Unfortunately, combining the colors ‘Black’ and ‘Pink’ doesn’t create this block, it only ends up creating Purple. Don’t worry! Here’s the recipe combination guide on how to make Blackpink in Infinite Craft.

How to Make Blackpink in Infinite Craft

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recipe combination to get blackpink infinite craft

Recipe combos to get Blackpink / Screenshot by Gaming Inbox

How to Get K-pop in Infinite Craft

To create K-pop, all you have to do is combine Asia and Music.

How to Create Asia in Infinite Craft

  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Ocean
  • Ocean + Earth = Island
  • Island + Earth = Continent
  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Continent + Mountain = Asia

How to Create Music in Infinite Craft

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Water = Stone
  • Stone + Water = Rock
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Fire + Wind = Smoke
  • Lake + Smoke = Fog
  • Lake + Lake = Ocean
  • Fog + Ocean = Fish
  • Water + Earth = Plant
  • Plant + Plant = Tree
  • Tree + Fish = Seaweed
  • Seaweed + Fish = Sushi
  • Seaweed + Sushi = Roll
  • Rock + Roll = Music

How to Get Dive in Infinite Craft

This is going to be a long combination chain but it’s worth doing to unlock all the different elements.

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2Result of the Combination
Earth Wind Dust
Fire Water Steam
Earth Water Plant
Dust Earth Planet
Water Water Lake
Plant Steam Tea
Planet Wind Storm
Lake Water Ocean
Plant Wind Dandelion
Storm Tea Tempest
Lake Ocean Sea
Earth Fire Lava
Planet Steam Steampunk
Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion Patch
Tea Tempest Typhoon
Lava Sea Stone
Dust Lake Mud
Ocean Steampunk Steampunk Pirate
Dandelion Patch Lake Duck
Dust Ocean Sand
Ocean Tempest Tsunami
Stone Typhoon Avalanche
Earth Tea Teapot
Mud Water Swamp
Steam Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Pirate Ship
Sea Tea Tease
Plant Plant Tree
Duck Water Duckling
Dust Sand Sandstorm
Avalanche Tsunami Disaster
Swamp Teapot Witch
Steampunk Pirate Ship Stone Stonehenge
Tease Tsunami Tsunamis
Dust Tree Wood
Fire Wind Smoke
Dust Plant Pollen
Duck Duckling Family
Disaster Sandstorm Dust Bowl
Witch Witch Witch Hut
Steam Stonehenge Time
Lava Tsunamis Volcano
Dust Wood Broom
Pollen Smoke Bee
Earth Family Farm
Plant Swamp Venus Flytrap
Dust Bowl Wind Dust Storm
Time Witch Hut Wizard
Dust Volcano Ash
Broom Dust Clean
Bee Wind Breeze
Farm Plant Food
Fire Steam Engine
Dust Storm Venus Flytrap Dust Trap
Swamp Tempest Cyclone
Fire Wizard Dragon
Tempest Wind Tornado
Ash Dust Cinder
Earth Farm Field
Breeze Clean Fresh
Engine Food Fuel
Dust Trap Venus Flytrap Flypaper
Cyclone Fire Fire Tornado
Dandelion Dragon Dragonfly
Tornado Venus Flytrap Funnel Cake
Cinder Stone Glass
Field Steam Fog
Fresh Time Fruit
Flypaper Fuel Glue
Engine Fire Tornado Fire Truck
Fire Mud Brick
Dragonfly Dust Fairy
Funnel Cake Tree Maple
Fog Glass Lens
Fruit Lava Peach
Glue Plant Vine
Brick Fire Truck Fireplace
Fairy Plant Flower
Maple Tornado Maple Leaf
Lens Swamp Microscope
Time Tornado Hourglass
Mud Peach Pie
Water Wind Wave
Fog Vine Wine
Fireplace Stone Oven
Duck Dust Dustbuster
Earth Earth Mountain
Flower Smoke Incense
Maple Leaf Water Maple Syrup
Hourglass Microscope Science
Lake Pie Piece
Ash Pollen Cough
Microscope Wave Radio
Wine Wine Bottle
Sand Wave Beach
Fog Time Deja Vu
Duck Oven Roast
Dustbuster Ocean Whale
Incense Mountain Buddha
Earth Maple Syrup Pancake
Piece Science Art
Cough Water Lung
Ocean Radio SOS
Beach Bottle Message
Deja Vu Water Memory
Roast Wind Sandwich
Buddha Whale Happiness
Earth Pancake Cake
Art Engine Artificial
Cough Lung Pneumonia
Message SOS Help
Memory Wind Forget
Pollen Stone Amber
Bottle Sandwich Lunch
Fire Happiness Joy
Artificial Cake Fake
Pneumonia Water Sick
Forget Help Hurt
Amber Lava Diamond
Joy Lunch Lunchbox
Fake Fake Real
Hurt Sick Injured
Diamond Time Pressure
Lunchbox Lunchbox Picnic
Injured Real Really
Ocean Pressure Depth
Picnic Picnic Picnic Table
Depth Really Deeply
Earth Picnic Table Bench
Bench Deeply Dive

And after all that effort, you can combine Dive with K-pop to get Blackpink in Infinite Craft. Looking for more creations? Here are the recipes and steps to create Taylor SwiftKanye, Lotus FlowerChurchRoblox, and even Destruction in Infinite Craft.

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