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Where is Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley?

Here’s how to find Robin’s lost axe in SDV and what you get as a reward by completing this quick quest.



where is robins missing axe stardew valley

Stardew Valley’s quests can be pretty interesting to complete, and one such easy quest is to find Robin’s lost axe. Apart from doing the good deed of helping a friend, you will also get 250g if you find it, so that’s surely an enticing task. Here’s a guide that will show you the location where you can find Robin’s axe, how to reach it easily and where to find her to collect the reward.

Where is Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley?

south of marnies ranch

Robin’s axe can be found in the Cindersap Forest which is to the south of Marnie’s ranch. All you have to do is keep going south from your farm and when you see two wooden bridges, go over them and then head further south. Near some trees and a cliff wall on the east side, you’ll see Robin’s axe lying on the ground. Make sure you have one empty slot in your backpack to carry the axe with you.

find these wooden bridges to get near the lost axe

robins lost axe location

image source: Sirious Kairus on Youtube

Here’s a quick video that shows the location of Robin’s lost axe in 20 seconds. And if you’d like a map location of the axe, here’s a screenshot shared by a Steam user.

Where to Find Robin?

Once you have collected the axe, go back to Robin’s shop and give it to her. This quest is not time-based, so you can find her at any time.

There are two main places you can find Robin in Stardew Valley:

where to find robin on map carpenter shop location

The Carpenter’s Shop: This is the place where you’ll find her at most times. Robin lives and works at her shop, located in the Mountains area (northwest of the bus stop). Her shop hours are typically 9 AM to 5 PM (closed on Tuesdays and at 4 PM on Fridays). On Tuesdays, she has an exercise class, and on Fridays, she closes early to go to the Stardrop Saloon with her husband. Aside from these times, the shop is closed on all festival days and on days when she’s working on a job on the Farm.

Her House: Robin’s house is located right next to the Carpenter’s Shop (24 Mountain Road). You might find her there if the shop is closed or during her evenings (around 7:30 PM). However, she won’t leave the house on rainy days unless she’s working on your farm.

250 gold reward for completing robins lost axe quest

Based on these conditions, find her and mark your quest as ‘done’ in the journal. Click on the 250g reward and you’ll not only receive gold but also a heart of friendship from Robin.

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