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How Much Stardust to Trade Legendary in Pokemon Go?

Know the base cost of trading Legendaries and how you can get some huge discounts.



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Want to trade a Legendary in Pokemon Go and wondering how much Stardust is needed to trade it? The base numbers can be pretty high. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stardust cost, as it differs from friends to best friends.

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Stardust Cost to Trade Legendary in Pokemon Go

How Much Stardust Cost to Trade Legendary in Pokemon Go?

The Stardust cost for trading Legendary is 40,000 Stardust for best friends and the cost is 1,000,000 if you’re just friends in Pokemon Go. So, trading gets less expensive if you increase your friendship level with whoever you are trading a Legendary Pokemon with.

Another factor to consider is the Pokedex Registration. If the person you’re trading with already has that Legendary Pokemon registered in their Pokedex (that is, they’ve seen or caught it before), then the Stardust cost is significantly lower, at just 20,000 Stardust. 

Here’s a Pokémon Go Stardust Chart based on Friendship Level. If you’re a Registered player getting the Legendary or a New player getting the Legendary Pokemon, these are the Stardust costs.

Friendship LevelRegistered Player Getting the LegendaryNew Player Getting the Legendary
Good Friends20,0001,000,000
Great Friends16,000800,000
Ultra Friends1,60080,000
Best Friends80040,000

Since Legendaries are some of the rarest and most powerful creatures with high stats and unique moves, they are highly coveted by trainers. This gives them their heavy Stardust cost but it can be discounted if you’ve got a high friendship level.

How Much Stardust To Trade Legendary

Keep in mind that 1,000,000 Stardust is a big amount for this resource, so make sure the trade is worth it and you have a reliable trading partner. If you don’t know someone who you can trade with, you can join Pokemon Go communities to find them. Befriend them and boost your friendship level before attempting a special trade.

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