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How to Survive Cold and Hot Weather in Palworld

Here are the Pals, Equipment, and Outfits you need to survive extreme cold and heat in the biomes of Palworld.



heat and cold temperature survival tips for palworld

There’s a wide variety of environments in Palworld and as you explore the biomes and areas, you will come across different temperatures. This brings an additional challenge to your base-building and pal-capturing activities, but here’s how to tackle and survive both cold and hot weather in Palworld effectively with the right armor, resources, equipment, and Pals.

How to Survive Cold Weather in Palworld

You may come across cold and warmer weather during the day as well as night and the ways to deal with them have to be upgraded as you go from early game to late game. Here’s how to make it happen.

Early Game Survival Tips

Campfire: The most basic solution, unlocked early on, is crafting a campfire (requires 10 Wood) and staying near it for warmth.

Hand-held Torch: Holding a torch (requires 2 Wood and 2 Stone) provides portable warmth while exploring cold areas.

Cloth Armor: Craft Cloth Outfit Armor (requires 2 Cloth) for basic cold resistance. The recipe will be unlocked at Level 4 of the Technology Tree.

To get the Cloth itself, first reach Level 3 and use the Primitive Workbench to craft it with 2 Wool. Wool will be dropped by Lambballs, Cremis, Sweepa, Melpaca, Swee, Kingpaca, and Ice Kingpaca.

Use Pals: Keep fiery pals like Arsox near you at the base or while exploring because they can keep you warm.

arsox pal to keep player warm in cold weather

Mid-Game and Late-Game Survival Tips

Tundra Armor: Upgrading to Tundra Outfit Armor (requires 2 Ice Organs, 3 Cloth) offers stronger cold resistance.

Cold Resistant Metal Armor: With 8 Ice Organs, 13 Leather, 40 Ingot, and 8 Cloth, you will be able to craft cold-resistant metal armor with the help of a High Quality Workbench. This will unlock at level 27.

Building Shelter: Constructing a temporary shelter with walls and a roof provides valuable protection from the elements.

how to survive hot and cold weather palworld

How to Survive Hot Weather in Palworld

There will be many areas (like the volcanic region) where you will feel too warm to function and here’s how to tackle the hot weather while exploring. A good tip to remember is to travel to those places at night if the daytime temperatures get a bit too high. But since there can be extreme weather conditions, here are the things you need to do to survive them.

Early Game Survival Tips

To stay cool while exploring regions with warmer temperatures, have an Ice Element pal next to you, especially one with a Partner Skill that helps you cool down. For example, the Reindrix is a mount and has a Partner Skill called Cool Body that will keep the rider cool in hot environments.


In terms of items, the Cooler Box will come in handy to keep you cool in the hot weather in Palworld. To craft it, you need to reach level 18 and require 20 Ingots, 20 Stones, and 5 Ice Organs to craft it. You can upgrade it to an Electric Cooler which can be crafted at level 42 with 30 Refined Ingots, 30 Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards, and 10 Ice Organs.

Mid-Game and Late-Game Survival Tips

Tropical Outfit Armor: Craft Tropical Armor (requires 3 Cloth and 2 Flame Organ) for heat resistance. This will be unlocked fairly early on at level 9.

Heat Resistant Pelt Armor: At Technology Level 16, you can unlock this particular outfit recipe which requires 15 Leather and 4 Flame Organ. You require the High Quality Workbench to craft it.

More Heat Resistant Clothing: As you progress, craft heated clothing for additional warmth. For example, the Heat Resistant Metal Armor unlocks at level 25 and the materials you need are 13 Leather, 8 Flame Organ, 40 Ingot, and 8 Cloth. This requires High Quality Workbench to craft.

Further ahead, there are more outfits you can wear to level up your heat resistance further:

  • Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor
    • 20 Leather
    • 12 Flame Organs
    • 3 High Quality Cloth
    • 40 Refined Ingots
  • Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
    • 30 Leather
    • 16 Flame Organs
    • 6 High Quality Cloth
    • 30 Pal Metal Ingots

So, these were the best ways to stay cool or warm in extreme temperatures in the game. It is still in early access at the time of writing, so weather mechanics and function may change when the game fully launches. But for now, this was how to survive the hot and cold weather in Palworld.

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