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How To Change Weapons Of Party Members In Persona 3 Reload

Got improved weapons and items? Don't forget to equip them to your party members in P3R.

In Persona 3 Reload, you will need to upgrade your weapons as you keep progressing through the floors of Tartarus. You can buy better weapons from the Police Station in the Paulownia Mall and equip them from the pop-up that appears, but in case you want to change the equipment of Party Members later on, here’s how to make that happen.

How to Change Weapons of Party Members in Persona 3 Reload

To switch weapons of the party members before embarking on a fresh run of defeating Shadows, this is what you should do:

  • Open up the Menu.
  • Go to Equip.
how to equip different weapons to party members p3r
Screenshot: Gaming Inbox
  • Choose the character that you want to change the equipment for.
change equipped items via the menu in persona 3 reload
Screenshot: Gaming Inbox
  • Select the category – Weapon, Armor for body, Footwear, Accessory, or Outfit.
change equipped weapons p3r
Screenshot: Gaming Inbox
  • Then make your choice and click on it. A small E should appear on the item you have equipped. Once that’s done, go back and you’re ready to test out your new equipment.

This is how to change party members’ equipment and weapons in Persona 3 Reload. Now, if you run out of Yen to buy new weapons, you can farm money during Tartarus visits until your HP and SP get drained. For this purpose, it’s best to fuse Personas that deal high damage so that you can stick around for much longer.

Also, picking the Coin Card during Shuffle Time can be quite helpful to earn money fast.

Once you have better weapons, you can also sell previous ones and other items you don’t need to make a quick buck. And, another way to make money in P3R is to work part-time jobs.

Lastly, you can also visit the Fortune Teller at Club Escapade after you reach Rank 2 in Courage because this is how you can get the Rarity Fortune. It increases the chance of coming across rarer enemies which will lead to a lot of money for your character. Note that the Club is only open in the evenings, so once you have unlocked it, you can get a better chance to fight Wealth and Treasure Hands in Tartarus.

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