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Which Tool Did Leon Foucault Use In His Experiments?

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Which Tool Did Leon Foucault Use in His Experiments

In Persona 3 Reload, during the May 13th classroom quiz, you’ll encounter a question about the tool Leon Foucault used in his experiments regarding the Earth’s rotation. Many players may be left scratching their heads thinking, what is the correct answer to give to Mr. Takenozuka? The options you have are the Hourglass, the Pendulum and the Planisphere and here’s the right choice to pick.

Which Tool did Leon Foucault use in his Experiments? Correct Answer

The correct answer is “the Pendulum” which gets an appreciative response from the teacher. He says, “The device he built has become eponymized as the Foucault pendulum, with full-scale replicas installed around the world.”

correct answer for Leon Foucault question in persona 3 reload

Correct answer for the Leon Foucault question in P3R

Leon Foucault famously used a pendulum in his experiment to demonstrate the Earth’s rotation. This experiment involved suspending a heavy weight from a long string and observing its swing. As the Earth rotates, the plane of the pendulum’s swing appears to shift over time, providing evidence of the Earth’s daily rotation.

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Do remember that this question might pop up again during your exams, so make a mental note of it at this moment. If you also come across the math question related to the spirals, here’s the answer to choose.

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