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What Does IGL Mean In Fortnite?

And what does an IGL do in-game? This guide will answer your questions.



what does an igl do in fortnite

There are quite a few gaming terms that one should know before diving into the world of online multiplayer games, and IGL in Fortnite is one of them that might confuse some players. It isn’t as common as GG or WP, but if you ever encounter someone typing this particular acronym, we’ll explain what it exactly means and what this role entails.

What does IGL mean in Fortnite?

The acronym ‘IGL’ in Fortnite means In-Game Leader. An IGL is the captain of your squad, someone who calls the shots and others follow, who plans and strategizes the next move, and someone who keeps the team together if any clashes or arguments occur. The leader is the one who is the mastermind and will bring the squad to victory.

While this was a general explanation, there are some specific things they must do in Fortnite matches.

what does igl mean in fortnite

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What does an IGL do in game?

Keeping an eye on the storm – The storm keeps shrinking but if the in-game leader isn’t keeping track of that, it will lead to a loss for the team. The leader must navigate in such a way that the team members move from point to point safely.

Making crucial decisions – An IGL in Fortnite needs to know maps like the back of their hand. They know where to take the high ground, where you will find the best loot, and where most enemies can be located.

Aside from landing spots, they also need to know when to fall back and when to charge in. Plus, they can also call the shots for the weapons to use and coordinate with the team as the situation changes by the minute. As you can tell, it’s a lot of responsibility since you will be the captain of the ship.

In conclusion, an IGL needs to be a cool-headed person who has practiced quite a lot and knows the mechanics of Fortnite very well. They need to always be hyper-alert and hyper-aware of their surroundings. Armed with knowledge about everything that’s needed for Fortnite, they guide the team, make decisions on the spot, communicate with proper instructions (broad as well as specific) and even motivate when necessary. If you feel like you check all of these boxes, you can be the IGL of your squad!

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