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What To Do First Before Nighttime In Palworld

It’s easy to get confused about the things to do first in Palworld, and this guide will help you get started with a plan.



things to do first in palworld before night time

If you are relatively new to the crafting survival genre, along with its monster taming, farming, exploring for resources, and base building, knowing what to do first to survive your first night in Palworld is crucial. To avoid being overwhelmed or underprepared, here are some beginner’s tips to follow to ensure that you know the best way to start your adventure.

Things to do first before nighttime in Palworld

Here’s how to survive your first night in the game.

1. Gather Materials for your Survival

Collect a lot of Wood and Stones first! As soon as you spawn into the world, the first things you will need are a lot of Wood and Stones. You can collect the ones on the ground or you can attack trees and rocks to get them as drops. Talk to the Expedition Survivor present near your initial spawn point because they will give you x10 wood as well.

If you spend too much time simply exploring the world without building the necessary structures (such as the Primitive Workbench for crafting), you will be left with nothing much during your first night. So, make the most of daytime and get everything you need beforehand.

This is important for the initial few items you have to build to get started with capturing pals, and building things like a campfire that will help you for warmth and to cook food. Once you unlock the Palbox, you can assign Pals to do some work like mining for you during the day.

As you’ll notice, the game has elements from The Legend of Zelda games where it can get really cold at night draining your health over time – plus it gets dark too. So, get started on collecting resources and you will be all set to survive the night.

2. Unlock Fast Travel

You will see a statue with an orange light/aura near your spawn. Interact with it to unlock Fast Travel which will get you 1 Technology point. There are more in the area, so if possible, get to the nearest ones and unlock them too. If you venture out too far then you will come across higher-level wild Pals that will be tough to take on.

3. Manage the Hunger of your Pals and yourself

manage your hunger and your pals hunger levels

Source: Pocketpair

Soon after you spend energy, you will see a notification for ‘Hunger’ and a hunger level bar when you open up your inventory. Consuming food from that very screen will help you manage your hunger levels.

You can consume the Red berries that should be nearby, cook some food via the campfire, or get food drops from Pals that you attack. Food also rots over time so you need to keep an eye on that as well. Further ahead in the game, a cooler can be used to prevent food from getting spoiled.

When your Pals are hungry, you need to feed them and this can be made efficient with a Feed Box.

4. Unlock Technology

what to do first to survive first night in palworld

Source: Pocketpair

One of the first things you need to have to ensure you survive your first night is to have the right Technology. You will get Technology points by playing the game, leveling up and spending them will help you build structures and unlock items via recipes.

The early recipes can ask for resources like Wood, Stone, Paldium Fragments, and more. If you have them, you can unlock the Palbox (to manage your Pals), a Pal Sphere (to catch Pals), a Hand-held Torch, a Wooden Club, and a Stone Axe to make things easier for you.

Further ahead, you will also need a Wooden Chest (storing materials), a Repair bench (to repair damaged weapons and tools), and a Wooden Structure Set for your base-building activities.

The Chest is one of the more important items to get because as you keep collecting items, you will reach your carry capacity limit and get slowed down or worse. So, use the stat points to increase your carry capacity and use Pals that have special powers to help you boost it even more.

5. Catch Pals

unlock pal sphere pokeball to catch pals in palworld

Source: Pocketpair

As you craft your first Pal Sphere, you are ready to catch Pals. All you have to do is attack them to weaken them (make sure to not kill them!) and then press RB to throw a Pal Sphere to capture them.

Note that it’s best not to go bare-handed and use a weapon to fight a wild Pal. There are chances of finding a Pal Sphere in treasure chests or on the floor, but crafting is the best option.

use pals for work at the base in palworld

For starters, go for Cattiva which has skills in handiwork, transporting, gathering, and mining.

Remember to avoid taking on fights with higher level Pals until you’re sure you can win the battle.

6. Start your Base Building Process

The best location to build a base is a flat open area where you have access to almost everything you need nearby. Note that it’s not compulsory to build a base near a fast travel point because you will be able to travel directly to your base as well.

How to Survive the First Night

Here are the basic things you need to survive nighttime in Palworld:

  • Campfire to stay warm
  • Hand-held torch if you want to head out
  • Bed for yourself and your Pals
  • Food

If you wish, you can also craft Cloth (for warmth) from Wool that is a drop from Lamball when you attack them. You can either sleep through the night on your bed or use the hand-held torch to explore your surroundings because you might see different and unique Pals during nighttime.

These were all the things to do first that will help you survive your first night in Palworld. As the adventure continues, we will be covering more Palworld guides so that you don’t miss out on some hidden secrets and tips.

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