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Who Is Bowser Jr’s Mom?

Here are the rumors and speculations related to Bowser Junior's mother.

Bowser Jr. is a recurring and menacing antagonist in the Super Mario franchise who is, of course, the son of Bowser (King Koopa). While this is clearly shown, it’s unclear who is the mother in this scenario. Who is Bowser Jr’s real mom? Here’s everything that’s known about this.

Who is Bowser Jr’s mom?

bowser junior in mario games
Source: Nintendo

In Super Mario Sunshine there’s a major element related to Bowser Jr’s mother. In the game, you will come across a villain called Shadow Mario who is a doppelg√§nger of the original Mario. He appears in a translucent blue body with some unique characteristics.

Spoiler alert – it’s revealed later in the game that Shadow Mario is actually Bowser Jr. who is pretending to be Mario so that he can steal Princess Peach and discredit Mario. The intention was to frame Mario because Bowser told him Peach is his mother whom Mario was the one trying to kidnap.

But of course, it’s made clear that Princess Peach is not Bowser Jr.’s mother in an ending cutscene. As Bowser and his son look at the mountain while resting next to each other, Bowser says “Junior, I’ve got something…difficult to tell you about…Princess Peach” to which Jr. replies “I know she’s not really my mama…Someday…when I’m bigger…I wanna fight that Mario again!”

Here’s the clip:

So, who is Bowser Junior’s real mom?

miyamoto reveals bowser juniors mom
Source: Nintendo

In a video called “Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto” posted by NIntendo UK, the accomplished video game designer answers some questions related to Mario games. As an answer to “Do you know who Bowser Jr.’s mother is, Miyamoto thinks, nods and points to himself with a smile.

So, there you have it! Bowser Jr.’s mom is actually Shigeru Miyamoto.

All jokes aside, the identity of Bowser Junior’s mother has not been revealed. However, there are some fan theories.

One theory suggests since Bowser and Peach end up spending so much time together, the stork from Yoshi’s island mistook them for a couple and gave them Junior.

Another theory is that Bowser Jr does not have a mother at all. The world of Mario isn’t the same as ours, and so children could be born in different ways, without needing a partner.

Clawdia Koopa rumors in mario games as bowsers mother
Source: Fandom

Lastly, there are rumors about a character named Clawdia Koopa that was supposedly mentioned in a Nintendo Power UK magazine. It was claimed that she was Bowser’s wife but the writers themselves later confirmed that Clawdia was an unofficial character and she was never shown or mentioned in the franchise again. Another suspicious aspect is that Nintendo Power UK didn’t exist as a publication so the source of this rumor is unreliable.

That’s everything known about Bowser Junior’s mom in Mario games (or lack thereof). Speaking of Nintendo games, if you are wondering when the next Donkey Kong game will come to the Switch, head over to this article for more information.

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