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Why Does Roblox Keep Disconnecting When Internet Is Fine?

Keep getting disconnected from games for no reason? Here’s why.



roblox keeps disconnecting even when internet is fine

If you’re playing with friends and Roblox keeps disconnecting you from games, it can be incredibly annoying. You may see the error codes 277 or 279 and this might randomly happen even when your internet is fine. So what could be the other reasons and fixes? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why does Roblox keep Disconnecting Me?

Roblox could be disconnecting you due to an unstable connection, conflict with programs or browser extensions, corrupted files, server issues, or antivirus/firewall settings.

If it’s only happening to a particular game, the game itself could be bugging out. So, first, try playing a different experience to narrow down the issue.

Even if your internet seems fine, chances are that it’s not as stable as it should be. Try restarting your router/modem to refresh the connection and try again. If the internet is not the issue, take a look at all the other troubleshooting tips below.

Conflict with Programs or Browser Extensions

If there are background processes or an extension running at the same time, it might interfere with Roblox’s connection. You can temporarily disable the applications to check if that is the cause behind your disconnections.

High resource usage on your device can also strain the connection and lead to disconnects. So, turn off any unnecessary programs or background processes before playing games.

Server Issues

roblox server issues

Sometimes, Roblox servers themselves might be experiencing temporary issues causing disconnects. Check Roblox’s official social media or status pages like Downdetector for any announcements about server problems.

Antivirus or Firewall Settings

In rare cases, your antivirus or firewall settings might be blocking Roblox’s connection. Ensure that the client is allowed through your firewall and whitelist it on your antivirus software as well.

Corrupted Files

Corrupted Roblox installation files can lead to connection problems. To fix this, reinstall the client and check if the issue is resolved.

That was everything you can do from your end if Roblox keeps disconnecting you from games. If none of these steps worked, contact Roblox support and explain the problem you’re facing—they will help you out.

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