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Activision Patents Idea To Suggest Games Based On Livestream Viewing

This could change gaming and content consumption in a major way.

A new patent (publication date 16th November 2023) suggests that Activision is planning on dynamically suggesting video games to players based on the livestream content they consume. As noticed by Idlesloth and Exputer, Activision (which is now under Microsoft) is planning on “analyzing viewer data to give game suggestions, modifying a user’s gaming experience based on the gaming content they watch online, as well as adding features like creating unique titles for users to play during streams.”

This surely is an interesting concept and the patent page on patentscope gives us an idea about how it will generate the game. Live streaming has taken off in a huge way, with content creators devoting themselves full-time to Let’s Plays and reaction videos in gaming. Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Kick are some of the most popular gaming livestream platforms and now, it seems like game developers will take the data from them into consideration.

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Activision Patent Related to Game Suggestions via Livestreams

Here’s what the Activision patent says:

activision patent streaming with gaming
Source: Patentscope



Systems and Methods for Dynamically Modifying Video Game Content Based on Non-Video Gaming Content Being Concurrently Experienced by a User


The disclosed systems and methods integrate gaming functionality with viewing a video program. Systems and methods for generating an interactive multimedia game for a user during the viewing of a video program by the user includes a host computer that generates the game in a context of the video program viewed on a first graphical user interface and recommends the video game to the user. The user may opt to engage with the video game on a second graphical user interface, which may be overlaid on the first graphical user interface.

Background (a snippet)

Watching video streams or broadcast video, while concurrently playing video games, is a popular activity. People watching videos typically experience the viewed content in an inactive or passive manner, while video game-playing tends to be more active and engaging.

A major part of the document is legal jargon but it does go in-depth into how it will work. If you’re interested to read more, check it out in its entirety at Patentscope.

Whether this will be an Xbox-exclusive feature or not, and how it will actually work is unclear. But this is sure to fundamentally change how the combo of live streams and games work. This could be already in the works or could just be in the ideation stage – when will we get to experience this feature? We’re not sure yet. If there’s any more information about this, we will keep you posted.

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