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All BitLife Driving Test Answers

Want to succeed in your Driver’s License test in BitLife? Get the correct answers for each road sign here.



bitlife driving test answers to get license

To get a driver’s license in the game, you need to know all BitLife driving test answers so that you pass in your first attempt. Every new character you start will have the opportunity to get a license, and so the questions differ each time. So, during your next virtual life, be sure to check back here for tips, cheats, and correct answers to the driving test questions.

How to get the Driver’s License

Getting a driver’s license is a simple process, but it requires you to be of a certain age just like in real life.

  • You can’t get a driver’s license until your character is at least 16 years old. So, keep aging up until you reach 16.
  • Once you’re 16 or older, go to the Activities menu.
  • In the Activities menu, you should see an option titled “Driver’s License.” Tap on that.
  • Now, you’ll be presented with a driver’s license test. Based on your answer, you’ll know if you passed or failed the test.
  • You can retake the driver’s license test as many times as you need to until you pass.
  • Once you do, you’ll get a notification that you’ve obtained your driver’s license.

While you can ignore the license if you’d like, having a driver’s license can open up certain job opportunities in the game. Plus, you can buy cars from the Shopping tab as well.

BitLife Driving Test Correct Answers

The questions are road signs that you have to identify and here are all the BitLife driving test answers to get the driver’s license easily.

Click on the images to see the larger versions.

Hill Ahead

hill ahead

Snowmobile Crossing Snowmobile Crossing

Added Lane Added Lane

Yield Ahead Yield Ahead

Road Narrows Road Narrows

Two-Way Traffic

Two way Traffic

Handicapped Crossing Handicapped Crossing

Truck Crossing Truck Crossing

Playground Ahead Playground Ahead

Fire Station Fire Station

No Pedestrians No Pedestrians

No U-Turns No U-Turns

No Parking No Parking

Y Intersection Y-Intersection

Cattle Crossing Cattle Crossing

Circular Intersection Circular Intersection

Deer Crossing Deer Crossing

T-Intersection T-Intersection

Divided Highway Divided Highway

Slippery When WetSlippery When Wet

Signal Ahead Signal Ahead

Sharp Curve Sharp Curve

Flagger Ahead Flagger Ahead

Side Road Side Road

Cross Road Cross Road

Route Marker Route Marker

Right Lane Ends Right Lane Ends

4-Way Stop 4-Way Stop

Farm Machinery Crossing

Farm Machinery Crossing

These were all the BitLife driving test answers that will help you get the license easily. For all things BitLife, be sure to explore our dedicated section.

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