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Why Can I Hear Myself On Discord? Reasons and Fixes

If you’re hearing your own voice on Discord, these are the next steps to take to resolve the issue.



discord voice chat hearing myself

Discord is best known for its voice chat feature and it can be confusing if instead of hearing your friends, you can hear your own voice in your headset. Thankfully, you can fix this issue by adjusting some audio and mic settings, and we’ve got all the steps you need to know in this troubleshooting guide.

Why Can I Hear Myself in My Headset on Discord?

There are two primary reasons why users can hear themselves on their headphones on Discord – Mic Monitoring and Microphone feedback.

mic monitoring headset discord to hear yourself in voice

Check if your headset has the mic monitoring feature. / Image source: SteelSeries

Mic Monitoring, also known as sidetone, lets you hear your own voice while you’re using a microphone. This comes in handy in situations where you need to know how loud you are and also for recordings like singing or voice acting. This feature can be found in gaming headsets and headphones with built-in mics. However, if this isn’t helpful during your Discord voice chat, go to the headset’s software and turn off mic monitoring/sidetone.

The other reason why you can hear yourself on Discord is microphone feedback which is when your mic picks up the sound from your headphones and sends it back to your headphones. This creates an echo which creates issues while communicating with others.

voice input sensitivity discord

In Discord’s voice settings, there’s an option for “Input Sensitivity.” Lowering this can prevent your microphone from picking up sounds from your headphones. Apart from this, lowering the volume on your Discord or computer can also help reduce the amount of sound that leaks into your microphone.

Go through other audio-related settings on the platform and check whether any of those are causing the feedback. For example, under Voice & Video > Voice Settings, ensure that the right devices are selected under input and output. Also, scroll down to get to Voice Processing and enable Echo Cancellation.

echo cancellation on discord

This was everything to do if you can hear yourself on Discord. For more error fixes as well as tips and tricks for the platform, head over to our Discord guides on Gaming Inbox.

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