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EA Quietly Removes Multiplayer Game From Sale

This game didn't skyrocket.

Back in 2020, EA released a 3v3 competitive multiplayer game called Rocket Arena where the main weapon that players would use is a rocket launcher. Unfortunately, the game has not exploded in popularity, because EA quietly removed the game from sale in mid-November 2023.

Why did EA Remove Rocket Arena?

EA removed the game on all platforms without warning or any announcement and the reason hasn’t been revealed yet. But, as many can tell, it has to be the lack of players which means keeping the servers up is costly and does not have much potential.

While Rocket Arena was called ‘surprisingly fun’ and ‘promising’ in early reviews, the overall player sentiment was that the game got old too fast and still too expensive.

More updates were expected by players and sadly, the game never reached the heights that other multiplayer shooters reached.

rocket arena removed from sale by ea
Source: Final Strike Games

The last update was provided in September 2021 (QoL improvements) and the game lasted four seasons. But after that, there have been no new seasons or updates.

Rocket Arena Reviews

The reviews for this game have always been pretty mixed. Some reviews from 2021 say that the game was dead since then because “you can’t find any player online” and the lobbies are bot vs bot, plus there were issues with repetitiveness, balance, and the price tag as well.

rocket arena flopped and removed from sale
Source: Final Strike Games

I remember being interested when I heard about this game back in 2020 because it took the things that people loved about multiplayer games and added a twist to it, but ultimately, not being F2P killed the game. Overwatch made the switch and honestly, it worked out for them.

In my opinion, if the game went free-to-play right from the beginning, it could have earned from the in-game monetization instead, while appealing to a larger set of audiences quickly. This could’ve led to more content updates, fixes, and more popularity, but regrettably, it never came to that.

This game was the first title from Final Strike Games and the core team has previously worked on the multiplayer of Halo 5: Guardians. As per their website, they are currently working on an unannounced new IP for PC and consoles.

Speaking of dwindling players, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has reached an all-time low player count since its release. Find more details in the linked article.

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