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Eagle-Eyed Fans Find Hidden Details In The GTA 6 Poster

If you look closely, there are quite a few things hidden in the GTA VI poster!



gta 6 poster hidden details

The GTA 6 poster features Lucia and Jason in front of a car, Bonnie and Clyde style. While the image and art style look awesome, some fans have taken a much deeper look at the poster and uncovered some interesting hidden details.

Fans Discover Hidden Details in the GTA 6 Poster

hidden details secrets in gta 6 poster

Original image source: Rockstar

Lucia’s ankle monitor

First and foremost, it’s seen that Lucia is wearing an ankle monitor which could be used to limit the access to the map in the game. As we saw in the trailer, she was incarcerated and it’s not yet known if the story of GTA VI will be linear or non-linear.

Reference to Bonnie and Clyde

Next, there are bullet holes in the car behind them, which is a reference to Bonnie and Clyde’s famous car. When the latter were driving their stolen car Ford V8 on May 23, 1934, Bonnie was eating her sandwich which is when Clyde drove into a trap. Soon enough, the car was hit by 167 bullets in less than 20 seconds.

secrets in gta 6 poster and easter eggs

Source: Rockstar

Jason could be an undercover cop?

Fans have noticed that Jason’s pants in the poster are too similar to the Miami SWAT team, but this could just be a coincidence. The cargo green pants could also a reference to Claude in GTA 3.

Scarface chainsaw scene location

scarface reference in gta 6 poster

If you look at the background, you will see a building with 3 circles on it, which is similar to the background of the chainsaw scene from Scarface (with the circular window).

Jason’s look

Jason has a buzz haircut, is left handed and wears his watch on the inside, which is further consistent with the theory that he could be either ex-military or an undercover cop. Moreover, if you look closely, Jason is wearing, what appears to be, a dog tag.

Same outfits from the leaks

When the game clips were leaked back in 2022, it was a huge setback to Rockstar, but interestingly, the protagonists are wearing the same outfits on the poster. A pink top with full sleeves, blue jeans for Lucia, and a grey vest/undershirt and green cargo pants for Jason.

Source: @GTAVI_Countdown

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