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First PS Plus May 2024 Game Revealed

Great news for fans of the Metroidvania genre!



playstation plus may 2024 first game revealed

While PlayStation Plus brought a lot of free games for players in April 2024, the first PS Plus game for May 2024 has already been confirmed. Animal Well is a day one game for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers and it is releasing on May 9th for PS5. The game also has a Steam store page with the same release date mentioned and it’s releasing on the Nintendo Switch as well.

What is Animal Well, the PS Plus Game for May 2024?

animal well new game for ps plus extra and premium tiers

Source: Billy Basso/

Animal Well is a puzzle, Metroidvania 2D platformer and its early reviews say that it’s a contender to be a game of the year and a cult classic. In this game, you hatch from your flower and spelunk through the pixelated world of Animal Well. As you progress, you come across interesting creatures, unique upgrades and discover the well’s secrets over time.

puzzle game animal well on ps plus

Source: Billy Basso/

It’s a nonliner game so you can explore and collect items in whichever order you choose. As you’ll see from the trailer, exploration is made more haunting with atmospheric lighting. Enemies, environment, and items interact in surprising ways and all items have multiple uses. There are over 250 rooms and loads of puzzles to solve in this combat-free Metroidvania, but things aren’t completely safe here because danger is lurking everywhere.

So, if you like to play games with a pixel art style combined with great sound design to create a truly immersive world, you might like this one! Take a look at the gameplay trailer here:

PlayStation Plus April 2024 Games Catalog

In case you missed the list of games coming to PS Plus in April 2024, here they are, with their release dates. As you’ll see, there’s something for every type of gamer this month!

  1. Tales of Kenzera: ZAU will launch April 23 | PS5
  2. Dave the Diver | PS4, PS5
  3. Oddballers | PS4
  4. Construction Simulator | PS4, PS5
  5. The Crew 2 | PS4
  6. Raji: An Ancient Epic | PS4, PS5
  7. Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame | PS4
  8. Nour: Play With Your Food | PS4, PS5
  9. Deliver Us Mars | PS4, PS5
  10. Lego Marvel’s Avengers | PS4
  11. Miasma Chronicles | PS5
  12. Stray Blade | PS5

PlayStation Premium | Classics

  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (original PlayStation version) | PS4, PS5
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire (original PlayStation version) | PS4, PS5
  • MediEvil (original PlayStation version) | PS4, PS5

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