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GTA Fans Reveal Biggest Potential Turn-Offs For GTA 6

Here’s what the Reddit community thinks.



gta 6 biggest turn offs by reddit

It’s safe to say that GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of the decade and these are some high expectations to live up to. Rockstar is going to reveal the trailer in early December, but there are already some discussions among fans about the things that may put them off the game.

Fans reveal their biggest turn-offs for GTA 6

rockstar fans reveal biggest potential turnoffs in gta 6

source: Rockstar Games

A post on the subreddit r/GTA6 (which already has 182k community members) asked Rockstar fans about the things they don’t want to see in the game and here are the top responses.

  • If they make it necessary to be online for singleplayer
  • If they incorporate online with the story mode
  • Microtransactions and content locked behind a paywall
  • 3 or 4 protagonists
  • Skill Tree
  • GTA 5’s fighting mechanics and physics
  • Buildings that you can’t go inside
  • Bad radio music
  • Premium currency in the online component
  • Not being able to break through volleyball nets
  • Pay to win
  • Banning mods
  • Too many strange, tangential FIB missions, or characters like Steve Haines

You can check out the post and its comments right here.

Do you agree with these opinions? These are all very valid points, and with Grand Theft Auto being a top franchise in the gaming industry, Rockstar cannot afford to disappoint its hardcore fanbase. Media coverage about every single thing in the next installment of the GTA universe is going to be at its peak and every element is going to be dissected. There will be reaction videos, opinion pieces, commentary and all of it may affect the overall reception of the game.

The hype for GTA 6, though, is clearly evident because Rockstar’s Instagram post about the first trailer reveal garnered 3 million+ likes and almost 56K comments. Let’s wait and watch out for what’s to come!

Speaking of Rockstar, R*North wasn’t too happy about a former developer revealing anecdotes about the development of previous GTA games and ended up taking down the blog entirely.

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