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GTA 6 Hacker Who Leaked 90 Clips Motivated To Return To Crime

Arion Kurtaj reportedly made some concerning comments.



gta 6 hacker vows to offend again

One of the biggest setbacks to any upcoming games is having your confidential game clips leaked and that’s exactly what happened to Rockstar Games. And it turns out, the GTA 6 leaks hacker wants to do it all over again after being released from Jail.

GTA 6 hacker motivated to return to offending when he’s free

GTA 6 Hacker Who Leaked 90 Clips Plans To Do It Again When Free

Source: Rockstar

The hacker who has been in Jail since September 2022 has “vowed to return to crime when he is freed from jail,” as reported by Daily Mail UK.

According to reports from back in August 2023, 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj was the one who carried out the hack along with another 17-year-old, as a member of the Lapsus$ hacking group. The group is known for hacking into other companies like Ubisoft and Microsoft as well.

It was revealed that Kurtaj used Amazon Fire Stick in an England hotel room to breach the Rockstar Games and leaked 90+ early development videos of GTA 6, causing £ 7million ($ 9.3million) in damage to the company.

Psychiatrist Dr Claudia Camden-Smith who assessed the hacker was asked by prosecutor Kevin Barry if he was ‘highly motivated to return to offending?’ to which she replied ‘That is what he told me the last time I saw him.’

Judge Patricia Lee said that there would be companies that would be interested in employing Kurtaj, if he could be rehabilitated, but the response was that ‘He is not someone they could currently work with. He needs to make the choice to work hard and he could achieve that potentially. That would be a very different future for him.’

This isn’t the first company the group has hacked – they’ve also breached Nvidia Corp and Uber. And the reason he was in the hotel room is because the police were holding him there after hacking into Nvidia. So, to gain online access, he connected the Amazon Fire Stick that was connected to the hotel room TV, along with a keyboard, mouse, smartphone and then leaked the videos. This led to the information that there would be two protagonists and that it would be set in Vice City.

Judge Patricia Lee has postponed the sentencing in this case until later this month. As of now, Kurtaj is detained under the Mental Health Act because of his autism.

Kurtaj’s legal representatives have asked the judge to be lenient and the reason is that “there was no serious harm” in doing the GTA 6 hack and that it is “insignificant compared to the game’s overall anticipation/production.”

Here are the tweets by Joe Tidy, Cyber Correspondent at BBC news.

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