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Game Finally Gets A Bug Fixed After 25 Years

Valve fixes a graphical glitch decades after the game released.



half life graphical bug fixed after 25 years

Half-Life, developed by Valve, was released on November 19th, 1998 and now has reached cult status because of how good it is. As it is in most games, there are some bugs – big and small – but they get patched out soon enough. In Half-Life, though, there is a little bug that was fixed recently after 25 years, in line with the game’s 25th anniversary.

half life scientist glitch

Source: VideoGameCinema

During the Half-Life Chapter 6: Blast Pit, the scientist gets grabbed by an alien monster, and thrown to the back (breaking glass) and then the alien picks him back up and takes him away.

Here’s the original clip via VideoGameCinema (the video will start from the required timestamp)

There’s a gap in the animation where the monster takes away the researcher and it has stayed that way for decades. As noted by Kotaku first, this glitch has now been fixed. Surprisingly, it was not fixed in the actual huge update but in a smaller patch that resolved smaller issues like UI fixes, file updates etc.

half life valve patch notes

Source: Valve

Here’s the November 22, 2023 Update patch notes:

  • Fixed timing for the sequence where a tentacle grabs a scientist in Blast Pit.
  • Fixed underwater fog rendering in OpenGL.
  • Fixes for UI layout in mods.
  • Fixed rare crash that would occur when an RPG rocket was destroyed.
  • Fixed the audio DSP filter (room_type) not being reset between multiplayer maps.
  • The Half-Life dedicated server application (app 90) has been updated.
  • Localization files updated.

Check out the fixed version of the animation here:

If you’d like to see the patch notes for Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update, check them out on the linked page.

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