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How Many People Play Brawl Stars? Player Count

Know about the player base of Brawl Stars.



brawl stars player count

Trying out this game for the first time or want to return to it after a long time? You might be wondering how many people still play Brawl Stars and we’ve got the estimated player count right here.

Brawl Stars is a popular free-to-play mobile multiplayer game by Supercell and it was released worldwide on December 12, 2018, on iOS and Android platforms. It’s been many years since it came out but its popularity remains consistent. Here are the numbers to back this up.

How Many People Play Brawl Stars?

how many people play brawl stars

As per, a website that keeps track of player counts, Brawl Stars has around 4,262,664 active players in 30 days. This number will keep changing based on new updates, characters, events and game modes that may be added.

The game itself has a whopping 100M+ downloads on Android. However, it’s important to note that download numbers can include people who tried the game but aren’t actively playing anymore. Active player figures are a more reliable measure of current engagement.

On Android, Brawl Stars has earned 23M reviews amounting to 4.3 stars which proves its steady fame. It has also received the Editors’ Choice tag which handed out to only quality apps and games.

On the iOS App Store, Brawl Stars stands at #1 in the Action category with 4.7 stars overall and 1.6M ratings.

how many players brawl stars

To stay up to date with announcements regarding Brawl Stars player count milestones achieved, be sure to follow them on Twitter/X here @Brawlstars. The account is very active and keeps the community updated about maintenance periods, new seasons, and their successes like a huge increase in the number of players after certain events.

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