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How to Save in Fallout 76? Explained

If you’re new to FO76, knowing the ways to save your progress is very crucial.



can you save fo76

Fallout 76 saw a boost of players after the hit Amazon Prime series dropped and all the new players are wondering how to save in Fallout 76. The game is a multiplayer title (a first for Bethesda Game Studios) and it doesn’t have a traditional save system. Here’s what you need to know to avoid losing your progress.

How to Save in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 doesn’t have a manual “save game” option and because it’s an always-online multiplayer game. Your progress is saved by the autosave feature and it will happen in the background on its own (after every 10 minutes), as you keep playing.

The game doesn’t show a message or icon when it autosaves which can be confusing, but there are some ways to confirm that the game has autosaved. They are – fast traveling, completing quests/objectives entirely, resting, and quitting the game to the main menu.

quit game to save fo76 game

When you do any of these, the autosave will be triggered and you won’t have to worry about your progress being lost. The next time you log into the game, you will be able to continue from where you left off.

Do note that for some quests, you might be able to continue from a certain checkpoint, but for some others, you may have to complete them fully.

In rare instances, you might lose some gameplay time if the server unexpectedly crashes or you lose your internet connection, but other than that, the autosave should work pretty well.

how to manually save fallout 76

Why isn’t there a manual save option in FO76?

Since the game world exists on Bethesda’s servers, your character and progress are constantly updated and saved automatically. This helps everyone experience the same version of the world and makes things much easier to handle for online multiplayer games.

Another reason behind having autosave could be that manual saves in an online game could be exploited by players for cheating. With autosaves, the devs can maintain a fair and balanced experience for all.

That’s all for this one! If you’re immersed in the Fallout universe, find out if Fallout 4 is multiplayer or not.

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