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Is Palworld Free To Play?

Can you play Palworld for free on PC and Xbox consoles?



is palworld free to play

Is Palworld free to play? This could be the question on the minds of many gamers who are seeing the explosive popularity of the game. Every day since launch, it is breaking new records, bringing in a huge influx of people wanting to try out the game.

top selling and most played steam title palworld

Source: Steam

Due to the hype, Palworld became the top-selling game on Steam and it is also the most played right now with a whopping 1, 368, 756 in-game at the time of writing. So, in this article, I’ll clear some of your doubts before you decide to dive into this title on PC or console.

Is Palworld a free to play game on PC and Console?

can you play palworld for free

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No, unfortunately, Palworld is not free-to-play on Xbox or PC.

It is currently available through early access on Steam for a price of $26.99. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the Game Preview via any of the subscriptions of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, or Xbox Game Pass for Console, so if you already have an active subscription, the game is “free” to play for you. However, if you wish to buy Palworld on Xbox, it’s priced at $29.99.

How to Get a Free Trial of Palworld

palworld xbox game pass

Source: Microsoft

You can also initiate a free trial of the Xbox Game Pass to try out Palworld for free before deciding to continue the subscription or cancel it. All you have to do is go to the game’s official page here and click on GET (Free Trial) to test it out before deciding to buy.

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Should I buy Palworld?

Here are some things to consider before purchasing Palworld:

  • Early access: The game is still in development, and you may encounter bugs, glitches, and incomplete features. The official release date of the full game is also not yet known at the time of writing. It is expected that the game will stay in early access for at least a year.
  • Genre: Palworld is a mix of monster taming, survival, team handling, and base building. If you’re not a fan of these genres, you may not enjoy the game.
  • Gameplay style: Palworld needs multitasking and requires resource management and strategic planning. This is quite different from narrative-based linear games. Even though it’s called ‘Pokemon with Guns’, it transforms into much more than that.

Overall, whether or not to buy Palworld depends on your individual preferences and budget. If you’re excited about the game’s concept and willing to experience an early access title, it could be a worthwhile investment. However, if you prefer free-to-play games or prefer a more polished experience, it may be best to wait for the full release or consider other options.

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