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Is Troy Baker In GTA 6?

Could the voice actor of the male protagonist be an industry veteran?



is troy baker in gta 6

Troy Baker is an icon in the world of voice acting, especially in gaming. He’s voiced Joel Miller in The Last of Us franchise, Samuel “Sam” Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Higgs Monaghan in Death Stranding, Erron Black in MK11 and many more big projects. Now that GTA 6’s trailer 1 is out and the male protagonist has a speaking line, many are wondering – is Troy Baker in GTA 6?

Is Troy Baker Voicing the Male Character in GTA 6?

Based on a bit of a conversation between Lucia and the male protagonist (name is not confirmed as of now – could be James or Jason based on various leaks), fans are speculating that his “trust” sounds a lot like TLOU’s Joel. But for some others, it sounds like Nolan North – another big name in the industry.

This has led to comments on different GTA forums, with multiple comments expecting it to not be true with the reason being mentioned as “he’s just in too many things.”

Comments also say that Rockstar usually gets lesser-known actors for their characters and Troy is just too well-known at this point. This is in line with the casting choices for GTA V. The voice actors of GTA 5 – Steven Ogg (Trevor Philips), Ned Luke (Michael Townley/De Santa), and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin Clinton) are still best known for playing these protagonists.

troy baker voice protagonist gta 6

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More drops and reveals are upcoming, so all we can do is wait for the official announcement of the voice-acting cast.

Meanwhile, here’s a comparison video that shows the clip of the male protagonist saying “trust” and a dialogue by Joel Miller. What do you think?

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