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Lethal Company Is Outselling Counter Strike 2 And Call Of Duty On Steam

Lethal Company achieves some amazing milestones.



lethal company beats counter strike cod on steam

Once in a while, there are viral games that take the world by storm and Lethal Company has done it this time. This indie game by solo dev Zeekers was released on 24th October 2023 and already has 55K+ Overwhelmingly Positive reviews. This is a huge feat, because the game is still in early access, but an even bigger achievement is that Lethal Company has beaten out Counter Strike 2 and Call of Duty to become the top selling game on Steam by revenue.

Lethal Company Becomes the Top Seller Game on Steam

lethal company becomes top seller steam

Source: Steam

Lethal Company stands at the top of the Top Selling list, just under Steam Deck. It has beaten out CS2, EA Sports FC 24, Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077, Apex Legends, RDR 2, and PUBG Battlegrounds – some of the biggest names in gaming right now.

Note: Lethal Company and CS2 might switch places depending on when you see the Steam charts.

Lethal Company, priced at $9.99 on PC, is an online co-op game where you have to work with your team to collect scrap from abandoned moons that are packed with dangerous entities. If you come out of it alive, you can use the cash you’ve earned to visit new moons and face higher risks.

The fact that this game is best enjoyed with other players has a major role in its virality. Just like Among Us, Valheim, and BattleBit Remastered, this one also skyrocketed in popularity in a short amount of time. It might remind most players of Phasmophobia – in both games, you need to use various equipment to complete your task, communicate with your team well, and survive the various types of enemies you will encounter.

Why is it so popular?

lethal company player count

Source: SteamDB

There are quite a few reasons! The proximity chat feature, the online multiplayer co-op horror aspect (with funny moments), unique monsters, the thrill of completing your objective before time runs out, and ensuring your crew survives the ordeal are some of them. The lifetime player count history shows a major spike, with 28.6K players currently playing on Steam at the time of writing. The all-time peak was 132,928 which is pretty awesome.

As tweeted by the developer, Lethal Company is going to get many updates in the future, so players have a lot to look forward to.

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