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Battle Royale Game Reaches 40 Million Players

Claim your in-game gift and the extra bonus on Twitter.

Publisher NetEase Games has revealed that Naraka: Bladepoint has achieved a massive milestone of 40 million players worldwide. To thank players for their support, the devs will be giving rewards when players log in next. There’s more – whoever reweets their celebratory tweet (shown below) has a chance to get a bonus reward too.

When you log into the game, be sure to check your in-game mail for 3 Pioneer Treasures. And if you are one of the 10 lucky winners for the bonus reward, you will get 3 Deity of Spring Ziping Yin outfits and 7x $100 cash prizes. The winners will be picked randomly from the Retweets on December 1, 2023.

Naraka: Bladepoint was released back in 2021 for PC, in 2022 for Xbox consoles, and in 2023 for PS5. It has maintained steady popularity and has consistently stayed in the Most played list on Steam (and it’s available on Epic as well).

naraka bladepoint most played steam game
Source: Steam

While the player count goes up and down if you check the month-on-month stats (on Steam Charts), Naraka: Bladepoint stands strong at #5 under Most Played at the time of writing, beating out GTA 5, TF2, Battlefield V, BG3, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

most played battle royale games on steam
Source: SteamDB

If you look specifically for Battle Royale games, the game is in the top 3, beaten by PUBG: Battlegrounds and Apex Legends.

The game wasn’t free to play since its release. This fast-paced battle royale game crossed the 20 million unique player mark on its second anniversary and switched from paid to free on July 13, 2023. This has clearly proven to be a good decision because, along with new content, features, and consistent updates, this brought a lot of new players to the game boosting the player count to the milestone we see today.

One of the major reasons behind this popularity, aside from the unique and challenging melee-focused gameplay, is that the game looks very stylish and cool. The art style and animations are well-done and so are the detailed character outfits.

In case you haven’t tried this game out yet but want to give it a shot solo, here’s a ranked gameplay of player Afternoon Gaming that will give you an idea of what to expect.

The game also introduced a new character named Hadi Ismail on November 15th, take a look at his skillset here:

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