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New Nintendo Games Have Already Sold More Than A Million Copies

Nintendo is having a good year!



princess peach showtime sold more than a million copies

Nintendo has recently revealed that the new Switch titles Princess Peach: Showtime and Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake have both crossed a million sales. This information comes from Nintendo’s annual earnings report which includes the data for the last quarter – January 2024 to March 2024.

mario vs donkey kong remake switch

Princess Peach: Showtime! released on March 22, 2024, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake released on February 16, 2024. So, this feat is a huge one for Princess Peach. It ended up taking only 10 days to reach the number of 1.22m while the Remake sold 1.12m physical and digital copies.

Nintendo has also revealed the other games that have sold millions of units and the numbers are astonishing.

mario kart 8

First up is the juggernaut Mario Kart 8, a game that shows no sign of slowing down. Then comes another big franchise Animal Crossing that’s still selling games despite being released in early 2020. It’s followed by Super Smash Bros, Zelda BOTW, Super Mario Odyssey, and Pokemon games. Check out the full list below.

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 61.97 million pcs.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 45.36 million pcs.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 34.22 million pcs.
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 31.85 million pcs.
  • Super Mario Odyssey – 27.96 million pcs.
  • Pokemon Sword / Shield – 26.27 million pcs.
  • Pokemon Scarlet / Violet – 24.92 million pcs.
  • Super Mario Party – 20.66 million pcs.
  • Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – 20.61 million pcs.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe – 17.45 million pcs.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 – 14.25 million pcs.
  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury – 13.47 million pcs.
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder – 13.44 million pcs.
  • Nintendo Switch Sports – 13.11 million pcs.
  • Mario Party Superstars – 12.89 million pcs.
  • Splatoon 3 – 11.96 million pcs.
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land – 7.52 million pcs.
  • Pikmin 4 – 3.48 million pcs.
  • Super Mario RPG – 3.31 million pcs.
  • Princess Peach; Showtime – 1.22 million pcs.
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong – 1.12 million pcs.

This has been a greatly successful time for Nintendo, as their IPs maintain a loyal fanbase. Note that the numbers shown above are worldwide consolidated sales in units life-to-date and software units include the quantity bundled with hardware or other products.

Apart from Nintendo’s report, we also have some data about the top 10 PC and console games from the first quarter of 2024 – check it out right here.

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