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NVIDIA RTX Achieves 500+ Games Milestone, Holds $500 Giveaway

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over 500 rtx games and apps milestone for nvidia

In a blog post shared by NVIDIA on December 4, 2023 it was revealed that 500 RTX games and apps are now powered by DLSS, Ray Tracing & AI-Enhanced Technologies. This is a huge milestone for the company, as they shared some crucial stats related to RTX technology and gaming.

  • GeForce RTX gamers spend 87 million hours each week playing RTX-enhanced games.
  • 97% of gamers playing Cyberpunk 2077 on GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs play with RTX ON.
  • Other major titles are NARAKA: BLADEPOINT coming in at 98%, Minecraft with RTX at 99%, Alan Wake 2 at 99%, and Diablo 4 at 96%.

When GeForce RTX 2080 was unveiled in 2018, it was quite a leap in technology. It was the world’s first RTX graphics card which could render movie-quality effects in real-time games. Due to the fact that a graphics card included dedicated hardware and software, it enabled gaming graphics to go to the next level. It brought high-performance and high-fidelity gaming to players, enabling us to experience realistic lighting and reflections in environments. Due to this, it’s not just used in games but also used in lots of applications as well.

The infographic shared by NVIDIA features some iconic games like Fortnite, Forza Horizon 5, Battlefield V, Flight Simulator, Dying Light 2, RDR 2, and God of War.

nvidia rtx stats and games

Source: NVIDIA

Plus, we also get a glimpse at the journey of RTX – In August 2018, GeForce RTX was announced. Then in March 2020, DLSS 2 launched, and September 2022 brought DLSS 3, and with August 2023 came along DLSS 3.5. The latest in the journey in November 2023 was Alan Wake 2 (Full RT + DLSS 3.5).

rtx achieves milestone of 500 games and apps

Source: NVIDIA

In the article, Andrew Burnes (Technical Marketing Content Editor and Content Tech at NVIDIA) thanked publishers and developers who brought RTX tech to life, as well as the RTX gamers who have stuck by them across game releases.

As a prize for lucky ones, NVIDIA is also giving out twenty $500 Green Man Gaming gift cards that you can spend on RTX games or any of the games and DLC that the store has to offer. To have a chance to win, you need to follow the GeForce social channels and check out the full set of official rules before going ahead.

Check out the full blog post here.

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