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Diablo 4 Goes Free To Play On Steam For A Limited Time

Make the most of this free trial of Diablo 4 this weekend!



diablo 4 free to play on steam

The latest Diablo game in the franchise, Diablo 4, is free to play for a week on Steam. The game usually costs $69.99 for the Standard edition on PC so if you were unsure about spending so much on this game, you can get a free trial until November 28, 2023, 10 AM PST, and decide for yourself.

play diablo iv free for limited time

Source: Blizzard

In case the game impresses you and you wish to buy it, you also have a 40% discount on Steam until 28 November.

Gamers are getting some awesome discounts for various big games during this sale, with EA Sports FC getting a 50% price cut and now this free trial for D4 by Blizzard. This decision by Blizzard in the hopes of increasing player count might actually work. While the game got brickbats for its first season, players provided intensive feedback which the devs are working on and improving step by step.

Personally, the first season was a slog and I had to abandon it, but the second season has been very interesting to play. I will be getting my first level 100 character this time primarily because the game retained my attention with its improvements. More changes are coming and there’s a long way to go, but it’s good to know the developers are listening to the community.

diablo 4 steam charts player count

Source: SteamDB

This seems to be the opinion of players, too, because the Steam charts are showing a massive upswing in player count. The lifetime player count is going up too, and if season 3 is even better, Diablo 4 might just reach new heights of success.

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