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Rialto Map Removed From Overwatch 2 For Now

Blizzard is working on investigating the issue.

The much-loved Rialto map (located in Venice, Italy) has been temporarily disabled from all game modes in Overwatch 2 and it’s unclear when it’s going to be added back to the game. The team is investigating it and this is part of the known issues list updated on December 8, 2023.

Why was Rialto Map Removed from Overwatch 2?

While the developers haven’t specified the reason behind the removal of the map, Redditors have some speculations. As per u/oldberserk, the map had some major issues related to textures not loading on the map. They also continued, “i saw some youtube shorts this morning that made a showcase of how tracer could travel across the map textures through unpatched blinks.”

Here’s the video that shows Tracer’s Rialto glitch

And here’s a comment by a player that shows a black texture inside a corridor of the map.

Apart from Rialto, another map is also disabled but just for custom games, and that’s Blizzard World. As a workaround, Blizzard World – Winter is still available.

Meanwhile, other players are mourning the temporary loss of Rialto with multiple players asking to “get rid of flashpoint” and “should’ve been push maps instead.”

Rialto wasn’t part of the map pool rotation during the Overwatch 2 launch but it was swiftly added in season 2.

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