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RUMOR: God Of War Trilogy Remastered Coming To PS5?

Are we going to see a divine revival of the GoW series?



god of war trilogy rumored to get ps5 remasters

PlayStation fans may be on track to get some good news because rumors say that the original God Of War Trilogy is going to be remastered for PS5. The story of the trilogy takes you through Kratos’ rage-fueled rampage through Greek mythology, which is slightly different from the Kratos we know today. If you haven’t played God of War (2005), God of War II (2007), and God of War III (2010) yet, and if rumors prove to be true, this could be the best way to experience the story and gameplay for the first time.

Original God of War Trilogy rumored to get remasters in 2024 or 2025?

This rumor has fueled due to industry insider and XboxEra’s Nick Baker mentioning that he’d heard a “remaster of the first three God of War games might be happening.” (Thanks, GGrecon)

Baker said, “I for a long time have been a person who has bemoaned the direction God of War went somewhat and have yearned for the hack-and-slash OG God of War games; I just love them so much.” He added, “And when I heard that this might be happening, I told a friend of mine who also loves the OG God of War trilogy that this might be happening, then they got very excited, and I’ve heard that we might be getting the original God of War trilogy remastered on PlayStation.”

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What could be the God of War Trilogy Remasters release date?

The actual release date of the God of War Trilogy remasters is not known. However, if this is a priority in PlayStation’s to-do list, we could get it anytime from mid-to-last quarter of 2024 or anytime in 2025. It’s worth noting that 2025 marks the 20th anniversary of the original God of War which could be the perfect moment to drop a remastered version.

Whether it will also release on PC at the same time is not known. But if this rumor is true, it could be exclusive to PS5 first and could release on PC a year or two later. It is also not clear if the remaster will include God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, as it was in the original God of War Saga.

Many are also wondering if it will be a port of the older games or a proper remaster, with the latter being more anticipated. At this point, this is simply a rumor and there has been no confirmation from Sony yet.

is god of war trilogy remastered going to release on playstation

Source: Santa Monica Studio

God of War and God of War II were first released for the PS2 and God of War III was released for the PS3. It remains to be seen how good the remasters will look for the upgraded visuals of PS5. The recent success of God of War: Ragnarok and its DLC proved the Norse saga’s immense popularity and a remastered trilogy could further capitalize on this, bringing new players to Kratos’s previous Greek odyssey.

PS5 players have previously got their hands on some interesting remasters such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, Nioh 2 Remastered and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. If GoW trilogy is really in the pipeline, it is surely going to be the next big win for PlayStation.

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