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Rumor: The Next Tomb Raider Game Could be Open World



tomb raider open world set in india

Tomb Raider games put you in the shoes of Lara Croft, a daring archaeologist who travels the world to uncover ancient secrets. And it appears that this time, the game is going open-world.

Rumors say that the upcoming Tomb Raider game is set in India and developed in Unreal Engine 5. As per leaker @thevscooper, the game will feature a free use of the motorcycle, and parachute for traversal across the open-world map apart from Lara’s usual methods.

lara croft tomb raider

In some pointers shared by Game Pass Tracker on Twitter, there will be apparently be an emphasis on a new non-lethal combat option. Leaked information further suggests that Lara will explore the vast landscapes of India, possibly searching for treasures hidden by emperor Ashoka, revealed via a cataclysmic event.

Here’s more that was shared:

  • Lara strategically races against a Society of Raiders and other rivals for these powerful relics
  • New feature based on recruiting teams and allies to strategically aid you in missions and defeating rivals
  • Supposed to release in less than a year if there are no delays. But this is totally not locked.

All of this is just a rumor at this point, so take it with a grain of salt.

upcoming tomb raider game rumor and leaks

Gamers on social media have been divided about this leak – some say that another open-world game is not needed, while some say that a vast world could offer incredible freedom to explore ancient ruins and hidden secrets at your own pace.

Open worlds can dilute the focus on the main story which is a strong point of Tomb Raider. As we know, tightly crafted tombs are a core element and an open world might struggle to capture the same intricate puzzle-solving experience. However, if the rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how the developers combine the two.

As long as the spirit of exploration, puzzle solving, and discovery is maintained, the upcoming open-world Tomb Raider game based in India might just be something amazing. There have been no official announcements about this yet and if that happens any time soon, we will keep you updated.

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