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Is Skull and Bones Coming To Steam Deck?

Also find out if Skull and Bones is playable on Steam OS with workarounds.



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Skull And Bones is primarily a ship combat game with multiplayer, exploration, and customization features. Now, the concept and gameplay sounds like it would be the perfect title for handheld console fans, which begs the question – is Skull and Bones on Steam Deck and if not, is it coming soon? Here’s what we know.

Is Skull and Bones on Steam Deck?

Skull and Bones is, unfortunately, not on Steam Deck as of the time of writing this article and the game is not available on Steam for PC players as well.

Currently, it is only playable on PC via Ubisoft+ and Epic, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna. The game’s developer, Ubisoft, hasn’t confirmed compatibility with the handheld device and it also does not feature in the list of official Steam Deck verified games.

is skull and bones coming to steam deck

Source: Ubisoft

When is Skull and Bones coming to Steam Deck?

While there’s no guarantee, Ubisoft might optimize it for Steam Deck in the future but there is no known release date available.

There are several possible reasons why this title is not currently available on this platform: The game might not be officially optimized for Steam Deck’s hardware and software yet. This could lead to performance issues, compatibility problems with the Easy anti-cheat, or a not-so-smooth experience for players.

Ubisoft might also be prioritizing optimization for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Windows, focusing on ensuring a smooth launch on these platforms first. Adapting the game to run through Proton compatibility layers might require additional work and testing, possibly delaying its availability on the device.

is skull and bones steam deck compatible and playable

Source: Ubisoft

Youtuber Santiago Santiago has shared a video where he installed Ubisoft Connect to Linux using Proton Experimental, which is how you can run Ubisoft games on your Steam Deck, however, this is a workaround that may not lead to the game running properly. In his case, the game crashed as soon as he tried to launch it.

If you’re particularly interested in pirate-themed games on Steam Deck, consider alternatives with confirmed compatibility, such as Sea of Thieves, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, Pirates Outlaws, and Cleo – a pirate’s tale.

That’s everything to know about Skull and Bones and its Steam Deck compatibility. If you’re also interested to find out which are the best indie games on Game Pass PC and Xbox, we’ve got you covered.

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