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Does Soulmask Have Controller Support? (Answered)

Everything you need to know before using a controller for Soulmask on Steam.



does soulmask have controller support

If you’re someone who enjoys playing PC games with a controller, you might want to know if Soulmask has controller support. The game is in early access at the time of writing, so things may change when it fully releases, however, here’s everything you need to know about the functionality of controllers in this survival title.

Does Soulmask Have Controller Support?

You can play Soulmask with a controller but the game is not optimized for it. So when you connect an Xbox or PlayStation controller, it will somewhat work — you can move around and perform basic actions, but it will be very limited.

For example, while you can navigate the main menu and potentially move your character with the controller, essential features like accessing inventory, interaction with objects, and opening other menus are not available. You’ll need to switch to a keyboard and mouse for these actions.

soulmask keyboard mouse controls

Soulmask’s interface seems to be designed primarily for mouse and keyboard use and the message of “Controllers Not Supported” on Steam upon connecting one, further confirms it. Using a controller for navigating menus and interacting with the world can feel clunky and inconvenient so as of now, it’s not a good idea to do so.

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Will there be Soulmask Controller Support in the Full Release?

The developers have addressed this on their Steam FAQ page. Here’s what they’ve mentioned:

“Soulmask now has a controller/SteamDeck scheme, but after some testing, it has not met the expected experience.

Therefore, to ensure a good experience for all controller players, we will not publicly announce support for controllers and Steamdeck during the Early Access, but you can still use this unfinished feature. We are fully committed to optimizing it. In the near future, we will comprehensively enhance support for game controllers and Steamdeck!”

Ultimately, if you really prefer to play Soulmask with a controller, it’s best to wait until full controller support is implemented for the game. Until then, using a keyboard and mouse is the best way to experience it.

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