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Starfield To Get Official Mod Support In February 2024

And a bunch of new updates are going to be added to the game in the next year.



starfield gets official mod support in 2024

Starfield players can expect multiple updates in 2024, including one with official mod support in February 2024. There was high anticipation for the game, but it had a mixed start. It missed out on a nomination of GOTY at The Game Awards 2023, and Mixed reviews on Steam that the devs were replying to with things you can do in-game. On the other hand, it has had 13 million players since September, making Starfield the biggest launch in Bethesda history.

In a blog post, the devs shared that they are targeting updates roughly every six weeks starting in February, so players have quite a lot to look forward to. This includes everything from QoL improvements, feature updates, content updates, and more. If you’d like to try out these additions first, you can join their Steam beta branch.

They also acknowledged that they’ve been reading all the feedback and are excited to implement new features. More new ways to travel will be added, and you’ll now be able to access city maps while exploring the major cities. Ship customization is going to get better with more options.

That’s not all – new gameplay options will be added through which you can adjust your gameplay to get an easier or tougher experience, and it will be something that’s beyond the Difficulty Setting. It appears that they will be providing a tailored experience through which you can customize carry capacity, cargo access distance, ship damage, vendor credits, affliction impact, survival mechanics, etc.

Starfield Official Mod Support

One of the major elements of the February update is the official mod support that comes with the launch of Creations. Here’s what they have to say:

“Beginning early next year, Starfield will be getting its own exporter and you’ll have access to a new Creation Kit. Modding has always been an enormous part of our games, with incredible community-made content constantly bringing fresh new experiences. With the scale and systems in Starfield, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

Here are some top comments from the Reddit community:

community reactions to starfield updates official mods

Bethesda Shares Data about Starfield and Players

bethesda reveals starfield stats

Source: Bethesda

On December 20, the devs shared some interesting data of players exploring the universe of Starfield in an infographic.

The stats shows that the average playtime per player was 40 hours with 22,284,331 days played, 26,027,845 hours spent building ships. The most dangerous faction was Ecliptic and the most dangerous lifeform was Ashta. The most trusted weapon was Combatech Beowulf while the most used power was Sense Star Stuff.

Starfield Multiplayer Mod Abandoned by Modders because “the game is boring and bland”

Mods play a major role in giving games like Skyrim and GTA 5 their longevity, but one modder for Starfield who was working on a multiplayer mod has abandoned the project. They are the modders of Skyrim Together which lets you play Skyrim in co-op with friends or strangers.

However, they shared on December 10 (screenshot on ResetEra, reported by PCGamesN), “When the game released, I was hyped, like a lot of people, but probably for different reasons. I spent launch day and a few days after reverse engineering the game, and porting over gameplay hooks from Skyrim Together to a potential Starfield Together mod. I ported about 70% of Skyrim Together reversed code to Starfield Together. There was just one problem: this game is f**king trash.”

Cosideci continued, “The game is boring, bland and the main draw of Bethesda games, exploration in a lively and handcrafted world, was completely gone.” “That said, I won’t be continuing development on Starfield Together. I’m not gonna put my heart and soul into a mod for a game as mediocre as this.”

The reverse-engineered code has been shared online by them in the open source “Tilted Evolution repo” in case anyone wants to finish it, which will still require more than 100 hours of work. Currently, there’s no playable version fo Starfield Together.

starfield player count declining

Source: Steam Charts

It will be interesting to see if official mods end up breathing new life into the game on PC because as per Steam Charts, there has been a steady decline in the player count since its release. Shattered Space, Starfield’s first major expansion is coming next year and more details will be revealed soon.

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