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Ubisoft Is Giving You An Assassin’s Creed Game For Free

Claim your free copy before the offer expires!



ubisoft giving away assassins creed syndicate for free

Ubisoft is having a free giveaway for PC players and giving out Assassin’s Creed Syndicate via Ubisoft Connect. This offer is time-limited, though, and you can claim your this title from November 27th at 06:30 pm to December 6th at 06:30 pm (local time). Once you have claimed it, you can play it at any time, and it stays yours forever.

How to Claim Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for Free

claim free copy of ac syndicate via ubisoft connect pc

Source: Ubisoft

All you need to do to own AC Syndicate on PC for free is to log into your Ubisoft Connect account (or create a new one) via the game’s link and that’s pretty much it – the game will be yours.

assassins creed syndicate free copy for pc players

Source: Ubisoft

Fans of the franchise are already aware of the impact of this game, but if you are new to it, here’s a quick overview. The game is set in London (1868) during the Industrial Revolution. You can control two characters – twins Jacob and Evie Frye – and both of them have different playstyles. Jacob is proficient in close-ranged combat while Evie is more of a stealthy Assassin. In this fast-paced Assassin’s Creed installment, there are new ways to experience combat, transportation and parkour to help you navigate, a vast open world to immerse you in the age of the Industrial Revolution, and much more.

Why is AC Syndicate free right now?

It’s the season of good deals and Ubisoft has tweeted via its official account, that the free copy of Syndicate is being given out to celebrate Cyber Week!

In case you wish to get the game on Steam, then it’s available at a 75% discount for a limited time. AC Syndicate, released on 19 November 2015 on PC, has Very Positive overall reviews and Mostly Positive recent reviews on Steam.

Critic Review scores on Metacritic for the game are pretty good – PS4 (76), Xbox One (78), and PC (74). The user score is 6.9 which is mixed or average.

No matter what the reviews say, honestly, it never hurts to get a free Ubisoft game in your library. Will you be claiming this game or skipping it? Let us know in the comments!

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