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How to Breed Animals in Soulmask

To consistently have a steady supply of some resources, you can breed animals in Soulmask—here’s how to do it.



turkey coop in soulmask

Whenever you need animal products for your survival, you may have to head out and hunt them down each time. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can catch and breed animals and build an animal farm in Soulmask.

There are quite a few steps involved and so, here’s a rundown of everything you need to do to breed livestock.

How to Breed Animals in Soulmask

1. Prepare the Habitat:

You’ll need to build the appropriate pen for the animal you want to breed. This could be a Turkey Coop or a Capybara Pen depending on the animal.

  • To build a Capybara Pen, you need x80 Planks, x50 Thatch and x20 Thick Rope.
  • A Turkey Coop can be created with x30 Planks, 20 Branch and x20 Thick Rope.
  • A Parrot Rack neds x30 Branches, x15 Hardwood Planks and x10 Thick Rope.

2. Capture Animals to Breed

First, make sure you have unlocked the Animal Breeding tech from the tech tree which unlocks Pens, Traps, and Feed Processing.

animal breeding under knowledge and tech tree

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

You’ll need an adult male and an adult female animal of the same species for breeding. For this, you can capture wild animals using traps with specific bait for a particular animal.

For example, to build a Medium Trap, you need x15 Hardwood, x5 Planks, x20 Thatch and x5 Thick Rope. Use these materials at the Building Workshop and you should have a Medium Trap ready.

small trap

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

You will need a Small Trap for smaller animals such as Monkeys, Turkeys, and Parrots. The Medium Trap will function properly for Capybaras, Llamas, Jaguars, Snow Leopards, and Alpacas.

3. Keep Them Comfortable:

Place the adult animals inside their designated pen by pressing R. Ensure that it has enough space for them to move around comfortably and close the door so that they don’t escape.

4. Food and Water:

water tank for animals

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

Fill the feeders and troughs inside the pen with the appropriate food and water for the specific animal. You will have to do this manually until you can assign a Tribesman to do this. It will be possible after you unlock ‘Breeding Farm’ under Premium Breeding on the tree.

need premium breeding to assign tribesmen

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

breeding farm materials required

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

breed and slaughter management

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

You can find details on what each animal eats by checking the game menus. This is of utmost importance – if the animals aren’t happy, they may not breed. Plus, make sure there’s a bonfire near it for more protection.

5. Wait it Out:

Once everything is set up and works well, breeding should happen automatically. It can take some time for the animals to reproduce, so be patient.

6. Check for Offspring:

how to breed animals in soulmask

image credit: DjDragon on Youtube

Keep an eye on the pen. When breeding is successful, baby animals will spawn inside the basket within the pen. You can then capture and raise these babies to become part of your breeding stock or use them for resources.

Keep in mind that having more than two adult animals in a pen can increase breeding frequency, but make sure there’s enough space to avoid overcrowding.

If you’d like to see a visual guide with all the steps of capturing the animals and filling up water, here’s a great guide thanks to YouTuber Dj Dragon:

This was everything you need to do to breed animals in Soulmask. If you’d like to know how to increase morale and mood of your tribesmen, this guide has all the details.

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