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Soulmask: How to Recover Morale and Boost Mood

There are many things to do if you want to regain Morale and improve the Mood of your Tribesmen in Soulmask.



Morale is one of the stats to manage because it drains during work and battles with no automatic recovery. A low Morale stat can also lead to debuffs like reduced carrying capacity and Stamina. If you are near or in your base, here’s how to rest and sleep to recover Morale in Soulmask. The same goes for your companion/tribe members – if their morale and mood are low, they can become sluggish, less productive, stop working, or even leave. Since you’re the leader of the tribe, it’s up to you to ensure that everyone is well-fed and well-rested.

How to Recover Morale in Soulmask by Resting

basic building tech tree

image source: Dj Dragon on YouTube

To sleep in Soulmask, you need to have unlocked Basic Building from the Tech tree and when that happens, check the bottom right section for Furniture > Grass Mat. At the beginning of the game, you can use this item for your character and companions to rest. The materials you need are 5 Thatch and 2 Thick Rope.

grass mat to sit and regain morale

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When you unlock it, go to your Blueprint Crafting section and look up “mat” and if you have the necessary materials, click on Grass Mat to craft it. Place it somewhere in or near your base, next to the bonfire if you’d like. To take a seat and rest on it, approach the Grass Mat and press E. This is how you will slowly regain Morale in Soulmask.

This process is slower than increasing Morale via a Bed, and here’s how to get one.

How to Recover Morale by Sleeping

rest in soulmask with a bed

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To craft a Bed, go to Blueprint Crafting and look up “bed” and you should see a simple bed that requires 20 Thatch and 4 Thick Rope. Some additional materials needed are 10 Planks, 10 Hardwood Planks or 10 Premium Hardwood Planks.

crafting a bed to sleep in soulmask

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You can acquire hardwood by chopping down trees with an axe. Chopping at a tree will give you resin, branches, and bark, but you’ll only get hardwood by felling the entire tree. And to get the Hardwood Plank, you can craft it at the Carpenter’s Table with x1 Hardwood.

plank materials

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carpenters table

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When the required resources are available, craft a Bed and place it wherever you’d like in your house. Approach it and press E to Sleep. You will see the Recovering Morale screen which is still slow, but much faster than sitting.

Players can make another Bed for their companion, who will automatically go there to sleep when they are sleepy/tired.

how to recover morale soulmask

image source: Dj Dragon on YouTube

How to Improve Mood in Soulmask

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are a few ways to improve mood in Soulmask:

Provide Comfort: Build furniture items (especially high-quality ones) that add comfort bonuses which in turn improve the mood of tribe members.

Building a bonfire grants a significant comfort bonus (around 400). Outhouses are also important, providing 200 Comfort each.

Food and Drinks: Offering a variety of food items will ensure they are not bored and will keep their mood up. Keep their likes and dislikes in mind which is certain to give more of a boost.

Juice is a great way to directly improve mood. Make sure to have some on hand and consider offering it to those needing a quick lift. You can focus on specific food items like Fruit Kebab, Pumpkin Salad, or drinks like Hot Cocoa to get an improved mood quickly.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Assign tasks that fit your tribe members’ strengths and preferences. Someone who enjoys fighting might lose interest if they’re stuck on farming duty.

In general, check the follower menu to understand their personalities. Some might dislike specific tasks, while others might enjoy a bit of variety.

Pay attention to what your tribe members say. They might give hints about what’s bringing their mood down, whether it’s food boredom, wanting a specific task, or simply needing a comfy bed.

Overall, giving your tribesmen enough rest, good accommodation, comfort, food, drinks and a good quality of life is going to improve their mood and morale in Soulmask.

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